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The road of "Hongkong people" help students cheated 1200 yuan – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Zhang Lei) speaking in a southern accent, claiming to come to Xi’an tourism "Hongkong" to you for help, you will not help? 23 year old college student Wang put out a helping hand, and kind of she did not realize that this is a scam, eventually cheated out of $1200. 22 evening 6:50, Wang students 23 years of age were two men wearing fashionable woman stopped in the science and Technology West Road on the sidewalk, the other said they were from Hongkong, came to visit Xi’an, mobile phone suddenly shut down, looking for a mobile phone recharge. Just a small Wang Gang travel back from Hongkong, listen to the two accent, really like the Hongkong area, so she can give help to find near Hongkong where mobile phone recharge. But because the time is too late, near the recharge outlets have been off. After learning the situation, the two women suggested Wang in Taobao search for the seller, and invited Wang to the nearby McDonald’s Restaurant sitting looking for. In the restaurant, Wang while looking for online recharge seller, while chatting with the two women. Chat among them, because the other party said that some local historical sites in Hongkong, Wang is also more convinced that these two people are indeed tourists from Hongkong to Xi’an. Also at this time, two women changed to charge calls to the idea, they carry their own bank card demagnetization grounds by bank card to Wang, said that a friend from Hongkong to give them money, let Wang help cash. Good Wang also agreed, but she doesn’t realize that this is all an elaborate hoax, she moved step by step into the trap. Wang said that she told the other account, a short while one of the women said ten thousand Hong Kong dollars have been remitted to her card. Because it is foreign exchange, it takes one to three working days to arrive. "She also vowed to give me a call to the screenshot, I said don’t worry." Wang said that the next two women began to borrow money from her, the other side to live without the hotel grounds to borrow $1200. Thinking is a foreign tourists, should help them, but also to leave a warm impression of Xi’an residents." Wang said, she from the ATM took 1200 yuan, and the other agreed second days back in the same place. "I was waiting for them for a long time at the appointed place, there has been no people, and later found WeChat also pulled the black, I really did not think they turned out to be a liar." Wang said, then she will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Kunming Road police station reported. According to the Kunming Road police station, Wang met a group of occupation fraud Gang, the other side of the main modus operandi is posing as "Hongkong", "Taiwanese" and other foreign tourists, to borrow a bank card remittance "" foreign exchange "and other reasons, to defraud victims of cash, mobile phone, bank cards and other items. The suspect often for lone young women and female college students, because they are lack of social experience and strong compassion, gullible. Police warned that in the future when the stranger involved in the help of money, we must guard against the use of love, absolutely can not be free of their bank card number, password.相关的主题文章: