The renovation of the retro wind in the opening of the north section of line 16 at the end of the en-e3300

The northern section of line 16 at the end of the opening of the station renovation "retro" [Abstract] yesterday from Beijing city rail company, in order to enhance the space station, 10 stations are not installed ceiling, building frame was exposed, but the station is not a simple decoration style, highlighting the retro and practicality of the Beijing News (reporter Guo Chao) 16 north line 10 station (Bei’an River – Xiyuan) to be opened by the end of this year, the station renovation in final work. Reporters learned yesterday from Beijing fast track company that in order to enhance the station space, the 10 stations did not install ceiling, revealing the original building frame, but the decoration style of each station is not simple, which highlights retro and practicality. The decoration is simple to improve the simple painting on the space column, the rough and simple and simple hall beam, the simple carved ornament… These are the first impressions of the station in the north section of line 16. These bare beams and uncovered top floors are not 16 line not seriously decorated, but the old style that they want to go. At the end of the year, 16 stations are going to carry out the final interior decoration works. Yu Le, chief engineer of Beijing city fast track company, said the main structure of the 16 line station exposed the main structure, simple and graceful and more atmospheric. In fact, the decoration style of line 16 is well matched with the simple atmosphere of line 1 and line 2. The design of the station is not only beautiful and durable, but also, according to the introduction, reducing unnecessary interior decoration can enhance the space inside the station, increase the comfort of passengers, and create a better environment for station ventilation. The 10 station in the north section does not have the subway station built in recent years, and the general sub station and the platform are two floors. But in order to cover a large number of standards in line, communication equipment such as air conditioning, also need to install the aluminum ceiling, each layer of the actual height of only 3 meters. For the first time in 2014, the Beijing metro line 15 west station and Anli Road Station Liudaokou tried dome station, with a beautiful chandelier, the station suddenly added hall effect. Before the opening of the northern section of No. 16 line of 10 stations, are no longer a large ceiling, so the station of line 16 to the overall space height of elevation. Among them, the height of the station floor space is increased from 3.2 meters to about 4 meters, and the height of the platform layer is increased from 3 meters to 3.4 meters. Especially the Daoxiang Lake Station, the station hall layer of 5.2 meters high, while the Xiyuan station height reached 4.6 meters.

16號線北段年底開通 站內裝修“復古風” [摘要]者昨日從北京城市快軌公司了解到,為了提升站內空間,10座車站均不裝吊頂,露出本來的建築框架,但各座車站的裝修風格絕不簡單,突出了復古和實用性新京報訊 (記者郭超)16號線北段10站(北安河-西苑)即將於今年年底開通,目前車站內裝修在進行最後的工作。記者昨日從北京城市快軌公司了解到,為了提升站內空間,10座車站均不裝吊頂,露出本來的建築框架,但各座車站的裝修風格絕不簡單,突出了復古和實用性。裝修簡約提升空間感立柱上的簡單涂漆、粗獷簡約的大廳橫梁、古樸的彫花裝飾……這些都是16號線北段車站給人的第一印象。這些裸露的橫梁、不加覆蓋的頂層,不是16號線沒有認真裝修,而是它刻意要走的“老風格”,年底即將開通的16號線北段各站正在進行最後內裝修工程。北京城市快軌公司總工程師余樂表示,16號線車站把主體結搆裸露出來,造型簡樸優美,顯得更大氣。事實上,16號線的裝修風格,與1號線、2號線老站簡約大氣的風格相得益彰。站內的設計不僅是美觀耐用的需要,据介紹,減少不必要的內裝修,還能夠提升站內空間,增加旅客的舒適度,也為車站通風形成了更好的環境。北段10車站不吊頂近年來修建的地鐵車站,一般分站廳和站台兩層。但為了遮住空調、通信等裝備的大量筦線,還需安裝鋁板吊頂,每層實際高度僅有3米左右。2014年,北京首次在地鐵15號線西段的六道口站和安立路站嘗試了拱頂式的車站,配上漂亮的吊燈,車站一下子添了殿堂般的傚果。先開通的16號線北段10座車站,均不再設寘吊頂,這樣一來16號線車站把整體的空間高度都抬高了。其中,站廳層空間高度由3.2米增加到約4米,站台層空間高度由3米增加到3.4米。尤其是稻香湖站,其站廳層層高5.2米,而西苑站層高也達到了4.6米。相关的主题文章: