The relationship with the Wizards have the same preferences with a gun support team-melia kreiling

The Wizards have the same relationship? "With the support of a team like Wal Mart sina sports news Beijing time on September 19th, according to the" Washington Post "reports, the Wizards starting backcourt of John wall and Bradley – Bill through their own way to their love of NFL ball team, the Dallas Cowboys expressed support. Because the mother’s sake, Waldo is the Dallas cowboys fans. Today, the cowboys and the Washington Redskins game, before wearing cowboy star Emmet Waldo Smith’s standing on the sidelines to support his love team. In addition, Wal Mart also with the Cowboys wide receiver Bryant hug with Daisy coincidentally, Wizards of the wall in the backcourt mate Bill in his support for the Cowboys expressed earlier today through social media. At that time, Bill drying out a photo of the IG rookie of the Cowboys rookie Elliott. In the face of some wizards fans in the message in question, Bill said he just wanted to support fellow. It turned out that Bill and Elliott grew up in Saint Louis. There is no doubt that Bill is the core of the wall and the combination of the wizards, but this offseason, reported that their relationship with, especially when Bill got a big contract, Wal Mart didn’t feel very well. However, from the wall and Bill of the Dallas Cowboys support, their presence or existence of common preferences. (Rosen)相关的主题文章: