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Secret hepatitis B treatment of the real situation! Music can come in handy – Sohu health, said the treatment of hepatitis B status quo, worrying to describe the feelings of the author and the patient is not too much. Although I would like to give patients a cure for hepatitis B, however, the truth is often not as we imagine. According to the survey, currently receiving antiviral treatment of hepatitis B patients, most of them can not afford up to 3 years of treatment time. Survey data show that only 40% of the time to be able to accept 2~3 years of treatment, while more than 3 years, only about 27% of the respondents can accept. Once suffering from chronic hepatitis B treatment, followed by a period, just ask the patient to complain incessantly! In addition to the treatment of a long time, the cost of treatment is another big problem with clinical problem, 73% of the patients can only accept every year million of the cost, however, chronic hepatitis B antiviral treatment, ten thousand yuan is only beginning. Aside from these objective conditions, the majority of patients have an expected target for the treatment of the disease. Some patients want the hepatitis B virus DNA can completely negative, some patients hope e antigen can be converted, at least by the big Sanyang into small Sanyang or ah! The three situation can be said that the real situation is more cruel treatment of hepatitis B. Most of the patients can’t reach the expected goal and the high cost of treatment and halfway up medication, leading to persistent hepatitis B disease. Medicine can not stop, according to doctor’s advice is the first step in the treatment of hepatitis B to achieve clinical cure. Of course, in fact, the difficulty of treatment of hepatitis B is mainly because the patient is more difficult to cure their disease, resulting in inferiority, depression and other emotions, so there is no self-confidence to overcome the disease. In response to this, we talk about the use of music therapy in the treatment of hepatitis B. Have been useful in animal studies have proved that: if the egg laying hens to listen to music, you can make the hen more eggs; if the cows listen to music, can effectively increase the milk yield. Of course, after the use of the study in the human body has confirmed this point, hypertensive patients to listen to a violin concerto can also reduce blood pressure; so that the music is conducive to maternal childbirth. Listening to music is good for the body and mind. It is precisely because of the status of hepatitis B treatment, patients should be actively looking for ways to ease their condition. Music has a unique effect on the negative effects of bad mood. So what is the cultural level regardless of the patient are recommended in patients with liver disease, listen to their love of music, listening to music not only has a good effect of adjuvant therapy on morbidity in patients, have a good effect on the rehabilitation nursing, health care, transformation helps to keep the good direction of liver disease. To recommend Beethoven’s "Pastoral" Symphony, when you feel because of the disease and anxiety, irritability, listening to such music, like himself in the idyllic scenery, surrounded with birds, cicadas, there are flowers, there are bridges. Here lived a comfortable and tranquil life. This can help ease the mood. When you feel pessimistic and depressed, listen to some grand magnificent classical music, can give you comfort and encouragement, will cheer you up, have a strong, optimistic and uplifting spirit. !相关的主题文章: