The preliminary information Iceland legend Gourde quit the national team winbook

The preliminary information: Iceland legend Gourde quit the national team on Sunday 019             World Cup; Iceland Turkey; VS       2016-10-10 02:45         location: Reykjavik weather is expected: 10 degrees cloudy situation: Iceland team Iceland team tournament going into the quarterfinals, but in 14 finals by the French team victory still exposed the team lack of depth, lack of tactical changes the shortcomings of the European Cup Rugby after Beck left the team, local coach Hal Grimsson alone coaching legend Gourde also quit the national team, because this group of Croatia, Turkey and Ukraine are not to be underestimated. So every game will decide the line trend, the last game stoppage time winner Finland Has sounded the alarm for the team, after all, they have no absolute strength in europe. Turkey’s status: Turkey’s poor performance out of the European Cup qualifiers, the first guest at the group’s most powerful Croatia performance is acceptable, but the war from Ukraine who failed to get three points or more regret, Toprak’s return to the team is very important, but Antrim did not move into the performance of the season of the Tulane in addition, there are Yilmaz, Elgin, Aoziya Koop, Yinan et al were unsuccessful, although the team, Unnar and other stars, but how to build Marle, into a more combat team is the biggest problem in front of the emperor antrim. History: the two sides played two times in the European Cup qualifier in France, each in their own home victory. Game Analysis: the disc to the Lord let flat half high water, this is the first time the Iceland team can make the ball against Turkey, has reflected a certain advantage, Iceland team of nearly 10 home court 7 wins 3 flat, Holland, Turkey and Czech were defeated, the compensate for the 233 pattern. For the home advantage is not very clear, the game still unbeaten pattern. SMG recommended: Sheng Ping Shengping Fu + prediction of first: Iceland: halldorsson, Sikulasong, Sai Val Song, R-, Gudmundsson, Anasong sigurdsson, G- sigurdsson and Gunnarsson, Bjarne Song, Bodvar Song, Babajan, Elgin: Turkey Bojiasong Fen, Toprak, Barack, Moore, Baltard ezbon, toophan, Topal, Qiaerhan Oulu, uinal, Thorson (old K)相关的主题文章: