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The overseas edition of wanghailou: Chinese and Latin America   distance produces beauty – View – early in the morning, when the Uruguay youth China driving cars to go to work, on the other side of the globe, white-collar workers in Beijing have been the end of the day to work at home, take out the refrigerator Uruguay lamb cooking dinner; morning, when the Mexico engineers use Chinese brand computer began a busy day, people in China, dinner party is Mexico drink beer and tequila; in the evening, when people use the Chinese Chile brand of smart mobile phone entertainment, ordinary people are Chinese Chile produced blueberries and cherries at the breakfast table…… Today, the 1 billion 300 million Chinese people’s demand for overseas specialty agricultural products and food is rising, Latin American countries benefit from it. In the first quarter of this year, China’s total imports of agricultural products from Latin America increased by 28.5%. The huge potential of agricultural development in Latin America, business tongue is a new American trade. Agricultural trade is the epitome of Sino US economic and trade cooperation. In recent years, China’s trade with Latin America and the Caribbean have made considerable progress, the field of investment continues to expand, the interests of integration more closely. At present, China has become the second largest trading partner and the largest source of investment in Latin America, Latin America, the proportion of China’s total foreign trade volume in the volume of trade has increased in the proportion of the total amount of foreign trade in China, the third largest trading partner. With the economic development of China and Latin America, the two sides have formed some new cooperative growth points. In particular, Latin American countries are promoting industrial restructuring, accelerate the process of industrialization, some of China’s high-quality production needs to go out to carry out international cooperation, the two sides have a very broad prospects for cooperation in production capacity. In 2015, China to pull investment in an unfavourable international economic environment against the growth of 67%, to pull the newly signed construction contract amount of growth of 10.3%, electricity, logistics, information of the three channel start pull cooperation in the construction of the good, to carry out international cooperation in Latin America has become the important object of Chinese capacity. Not long ago, the heads of state of Brazil, Mexico and Argentina to attend the G20 summit in Peru, President of the United States took office as China’s first visit to the country after the. Sino Latin American leaders to deepen bilateral pragmatic cooperation, but also to promote the world economic recovery and actively contribute to the wisdom of Latin america. Pull the vigorous development of mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields, not only to promote their economic development and improving people’s livelihood, but also greatly promote the pull cultural exchanges, driven by a strong Latin American "China hot" and "hot Latin American Chinese". In Latin America, with Chinese saying "hello" has become more and more fashionable, Latin American friends started to learn "Ping Pingze Ze" pronunciation, learning the Chinese culture broad and profound. Up to now, China has set up a Chinese cultural center in Mexico, in the Latin American and Caribbean countries to open 36 Confucius Institute and the 11 Confucius class. At the same time, for the Chinese people on the other side of the ocean, the distance from the United States, Latin America and the caribbean. Currently, there are 21 countries in Latin America has become a destination for Chinese citizens to travel abroad. China has opened direct flights with Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, China Airlines and Peru airlines and other countries to implement code sharing, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and other Latin American countries相关的主题文章: