The old couple to do her school friends housing demolition embezzle other escape Beijing – in 97179

The old couple to do her school friends housing demolition other misappropriation of Beijing, the old couple escape – the real estate transfer to each other but do her school friends swallow the demolition, the judge reminded: do not easily escape the property registered in the name of others if the relatives and friends to borrow property to the children to do school, can borrow? Guangzhou is an old couple to help a friend’s daughter for the home school procedures, good will they name houses free loan and transfer to a friend, but unexpectedly, friends will house themselves, even in the more than one million yuan for housing relocation compensation after the escape. In desperation, the old couple Yizhisuzhuangjiang old friends on the court. Reporters learned yesterday, Huadu District, Guangzhou people’s Court of first instance, the decision to return to the old friends involved in the housing compensation of 123.6 yuan and interest. Friends refused to accept the appeal. Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s Court of second instance upheld after. Respondents from the judge pointed out that real estate owner control, to be found in property damage, must be approved by the legal procedure and legal right, finish the program after the problems facing the implementation, therefore, do not own property registered in the name of others. The Guangzhou Daily reporter correspondent Chen Yamin, Ning Yu rules over seventy years of Bao a couple fathered a child a bosom, Huai Guangzhou is an electric appliance company boss, is also a master tutor in a is the Huai students after graduation working in a company with two people for years, close. The first half of 2012, put in a couple, in order to let her daughter go to school smoothly in Huadu home, need a couple of Xinhua Town located on Bao Road, Huadu District Xiuquan housing, the real estate will temporarily transfer to their name. After all, we have known each other for a long time, the couple did not want to agree how much. In May 2012, the two sides signed the "real borrowing agreement", agreed the Powell couples will be free to lend to a couple of temporary housing use, borrow way: temporarily transfer the property for a couple who returned within 1 months to be completed in a daughter in Huadu school after the formalities of admission is eventually completed, in a use of the property the longest period of not more than 6 months since the transfer, and the ownership of the property after the transfer is still a couple in a couple of abalone, have no right to make any form of treatment or disposal of the property. Subsequently, the two sides in the intermediary services, the signing of the "real estate sales contracts" and transfer procedures. June 1, 2012, the successful transfer of the house as a couple name. Lend the house or go back to court to get support of housing transfer, because the company is in trouble, Bao a couple of urgent need to apply for loans to the housing, they repeatedly urged in a couple as soon as possible for the children to school procedures, and after the real estate transfer back, but in a couple but for various reasons for transfer delay. In early 2011, the house was included in the scope of the demolition of subway. March 2014, the local government levied on the housing involved in the payment of compensation for a couple of a total of 1236250 yuan, a couple did not pay the sum of compensation to the couple, also resigned from the company’s resignation. A couple sued to the court,.相关的主题文章: