The new version of Warcraft rocket at liberation within two years he harden all star (video)-winpm

The new version of Warcraft rocket at liberation within two years he harden all star? [] the past is good assists Haddon sewing assists Capet Kapela new season will host Tencent sports news September 30th (the Calvin Watkins ESPN writer) after Howard had left the Rockets center to re shuffle, the 22 year old Cappella will become the Warcraft successor, the 1976 NBA draft, the Rockets legend old Lucas is also very optimistic about the prospect of Cappella the latter, he predicted in the last one to two years will be an all star. For Howard leave the Rockets without any regret, because this is James harden’s team, they didn’t offer a huge contract for world of Warcraft, as Howard left, the Rockets have the expected focus on Cappella, the first round of the 2014 twenty-fifth show the new season as the starting center. "Clint (Cappella) is the key to our ability to get a home court advantage in the West and hit a higher goal in the playoffs, and he will take a big step forward." Rockets general manager Daryl Morey said, "this step is not easy, he needs to fight 15-20 minutes from the field, turn on and off the pitch against opponents inside 25 minutes or more, this is a huge leap, which requires more physical confrontation, every day will be in combat." Although Cappella is expected to start, but a 14 year veteran, is also a starter, at the start of training camp, or even about the discussion voice over Nene the expectations of Cappella. "He looks good. He plays well." Rockets coach DAntoni says Nene, "against his good looks, his body maintained a good state, weight control is very good, when healthy, Nene is one of the best center in the league." The Rockets want to use high Nene’s ability to pass, he can effectively alleviate the pressure on Harden, however, at the top of the post Cappella last season and Harden pick and roll in the chemical reaction is more intense. And Howard in the pick and roll the stiff performance of different, Cappella’s moving better, he can catch the ball in the basket of different regions, the last season, Cappella scored 61.4% from the pick and roll, the hit rate of 68.4%, while at the same time, he completed two attack the proportion reached 23%, the success rate is 57.7%. Play the injury will limit the Nene, the 34 year old veteran career only a season played in 82 games last season because of injury, he played only 58 games, averaging 9.2 points and 4.5 rebounds, Nene still has good strength, especially on the defensive end, but if the Rockets want to go further Cappella will become the key. "I just want to keep trying to do the right thing." Cappella said, "I will learn my role, the team will make a decision (who replaces Howard), I feel ready, I feel excited." The rocket deliberately hired the 1976 champion John Lucas as player development coach, to guide Cappella, last season, Cappella hit rate of only 38%, this summer, Lucas said, Cappella hit 2500 free throws per week. "The most important thing is his confidence.相关的主题文章: