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The new mother to prolactin, duo to the Sohu maternal mother’s milk may not be some baby to eat, mom please don’t be discouraged, just give yourself confidence to cuinai method, the milk will become more and more. Mother can let the baby suck, stimulate the breast, increase milk secretion. Usually need more nutrition, to maintain a good mood, so the milk quickly up. Galactagogues method 1, to strengthen the baby’s sucking. Experiments show that after feeding your baby, mother in the blood prolactin will be doubled. This is because the baby sucking nipple can promote mother pituitary prolactin secretion, thereby increasing the secretion of milk. 2, avoid taking medication. Breastfeeding, the mother can not take medicine. Some drugs and foods can affect the secretion of milk, such as antithyroid drugs, hawthorn, etc.. If you are ill, you’d better take the medicine under the doctor’s orders. 3, supplementary nutrition. Milk in a variety of nutrients are derived from the mother’s body, if the mother is in poor condition for a long time, will naturally affect the normal secretion of milk. Lactation can choose high nutritional value of food, such as milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits, etc.. At the same time, prepare more soup, on the secretion of milk can play a catalytic role. 4, maintain good mood. After delivery of the mother, in the physiological and environmental factors, the mood swings, often appear in a state of emotional depression, which will restrict the secretion of breast milk. Medical experiments show that the nurse in the depressed situation, milk secretion will be sharply reduced. Therefore, the mother to adjust their mentality, keep optimistic and optimistic. Families should also create a good living environment, more care about the mother’s mental health. 5, therapeutic. Based on the above measures, combined with the lactagogue food, the effect will be more obvious. Such as pig’s trotters, peanuts and other foods, has a good effect on the secretion of milk. Galactogogue 1 prescriptions, 60 grams of peanuts, Yellow Wine banliang, first half of brown sugar, peanuts cooked, add brown sugar Yellow Wine, slightly boiled, soup or porridge to eat whole foods; peanut; peanut or stewed pork stomach soup (or pig’s trotters) whole foods. 2, fresh carp 1 kg, stewed fish soup with Yellow Wine banliang. 3, live carp (about 500 grams) to the scales and intestinal mixed, wash, add half boiled Yellow Wine, stewed fish soup, once a day; or live carp. The grass had 10 grams, fried soup without salt, once daily. 4, 2 to two fresh prawns cut to the foot, cook Yellow Wine Tonga half, eat shrimp soup; or the shrimp fry, Yellow Wine mixed with food, three times a day. 5, Codonopsis, Astragalus each 30 grams, 10 grams of rice, packed in gauze bag. Pig’s trotters 2, shrimp one or two, and drugs with the stew. The fire to simmer until the meat rotten, medicine. Meat soup, add a little seasoning salt. 6, 2 pig’s trotters 1, onion Festival, tofu 2 two, the amount of water, simmer for half an hour, then add Yellow Wine banliang, a little salt, cooked food. Chinese medicine galactogogue 1, clothing, rice 3 grams of gourd fried water to drink, or add pig’s trotters soup. If the effect is not big, available 6 grams of Astragalus, angelica 9 grams, angelica 3 grams, 6 grams of pangolin and silk!相关的主题文章: