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The movie "hide and seek" will be released Qiancheng million innocent adorable mother Yan Wan Qian – Sohu entertainment value play "hide and seek" stills Sohu entertainment news by Wallace Huo, Wan Qian, Hailu Qin starred in the movie "hide and seek" will be held tomorrow (November 4th) National release. In the film, Wan Qian played the naive Meng mother called the most warm role. In front of the campus roadshow, as the mother of the film is the only positive energy, not only the harvest of the same love of the audience, but also praised the film in the Yan value play". "Innocent adorable mother" unruffled Wan Qian into the most warm film movie "played hide and seek" based on the real social events, the advent of casual visitor broke a quiet family. In the face of cruel attacks as a "tough wife" and "innocent adorable mother" Zhi Ping (Qian Wan ornaments) to protect the calm resolute on the verge of collapse of her husband Zhang Jiawei (Wallace Huo) and her daughter is still young. In the front of the secret film, as the film’s only "normal" role, Wan Qian won a large number of audience favorite. The character of strong sense to let the audience in a cold sweat for the "innocent and adorable.". Wan Qian played Ping Chi also become the film suspense thriller atmosphere, giving the audience a warm character. The strength value of both Yan Qian Wan staged love "safe textbooks" in addition to the highly compact, full of "no urine point" of the story, is a spectacle movie "hide and seek" in the strength of the actors wonderful "Biao play". Qian Qian played the naive Meng mother not only become the film’s strength to play, but also the audience as the value of Yan play". Due to the theme of the film close to life, part of the road show to participate in the trial of the mother class fans also on the naive Meng mother Wan Qian questioned the film because Ping Chi’s negligence led to her daughter in danger. In this interview, also said that his mother in the film is not a qualified mother, but a negative textbook". Hope that through this film to the reality of the mother played a warning role, I hope everyone can be careful to pay attention to safety, protect their children.相关的主题文章: