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"The most beautiful island of Weizhou Island Chinese" smashed "62 scale" households "Baotuan supervision" – the new network for the issuance of a fair balance. Zhai Liqiang photo Beijing, Beihai, September 13, September 13th (Zhai Liqiang), has been rated as "the most beautiful China island" of Guangxi Beihai to Weizhou Island Island businesses issued a number of fair balance, and destroyed a number of "62 scale". Weizhou Island Tourism District hopes to take this opportunity to work together with businesses to build a good faith management order, to create a good Weizhou Island tourism image. 13 afternoon, held a "Weizhou Island tourist area Duanjinshaoliang governance, promote business integrity" activities, some businesses have on the island to the active site for a fair balance. It is reported that the day of the event was issued a total of 119 fair scales. The so-called "62 scale" refers to the market in Weizhou Island, especially seafood stalls in order to attract tourists, although often sell cheap seafood, but the tourists buy a pound of seafood is often only 62 weight. According to the Weizhou Island Tourism District Party committee secretary Lin Deguang introduced, after investigation, unannounced visits found that current Weizhou Island "62 scale" problem. Although this is a business friendly lies, but detrimental to the tourism image of Weizhou Island, but also easily lead to disputes. I hope this opportunity to join hands with the business, to build a good faith management order. It is reported that, at the same time to distribute a fair scale to the operating households, Weizhou Island tourism area will be on the market in addition to the allocation of a fair scale in order to facilitate fair consumption and consumer spending. At the same time, in order to strengthen the supervision and management, business households will be a group of 5 groups, one of the illegal operations, the remaining four will be punished. According to reports, the latter will strengthen scientific management, increase penalties. At the same time, the market facilities for rectification, to provide a better business environment and services. Beihai Weizhou Island is China’s youngest volcanic island, known as China’s most beautiful island. It is reported that the next 5 years, the Weizhou Island tourist area will exist in the current tourism industry, scattered and disordered, focusing efforts on "combination", "three years to five years into the island of landscaping, the domestic first-class" goal. (end)相关的主题文章: