The Ministry of agriculture deployed the cold wave of grassland animal husbandry to prevent and deal-christie stevens

The deployment of the Ministry of agriculture animal husbandry cold snow disaster prevention work — Environmental Protection — according to the weather forecast, will face the cold snow disaster in extreme weather conditions this year, the Ministry of Agriculture recently issued a notice, asked relevant departments to do animal husbandry and agricultural provinces of grassland animal husbandry in the cold snow disaster prevention work. According to the Central Meteorological Station forecast, after entering in October, the northern cold air tends to be active, the next period of time, North weak cold air activity, large areas of low temperature of 1-2 degrees Celsius throughout the period, the average temperature in the eastern part of Inner Mongolia, the northeast region will be lower than the same period the year 3-6 degrees celsius. From the early warning forecast of the meteorological department, it is likely to face extreme cold wave and snow disaster weather conditions this year. Notice stressed that all localities should strengthen organizational leadership, overall responsibility, careful arrangements, the perfect response to the strong cooling, storm monitoring and early warning, emergency disposal, information release, supervision and inspection and guidance services working mechanism, do the emergency preparedness, adopt effective measures to ensure the safety of livestock in winter spring. The Ministry of agriculture, the agricultural sector at all levels to strengthen collaboration with the meteorological department, improve disaster weather consultation mechanism and the cold snow disaster monitoring and early warning mechanism, strengthen disaster monitoring and early warning information and scheduling, make full use of television, radio and other media and mobile phone SMS development to prevent and respond to storms and other extreme weather knowledge propaganda. Actively guide farmers and herdsmen to forage reserves, reasonable arrangements to minimize livestock slaughter, aquaculture risk caused by disasters. Strengthen emergency duty, timely understanding of the occurrence of snow and frost, once the disaster occurs, should be promptly sent Emergency Group in-depth understanding and grassland herdsman to solve outstanding problems, and strive to minimize disaster losses. (Zi Rui, Shi Yaqiao: the early commissioning editor)

農業部部署草原畜牧業寒潮冰雪災害防範應對工作–環保–人民網   根据氣象預警預報,針對今年將面臨極端的寒潮冰雪災害氣象條件,農業部近日發出通知,要求有關省區農牧部門切實做好草原畜牧業寒潮冰雪災害防範應對工作。   据中央氣象台預報,進入10月後,北方冷空氣趨於活躍,預計未來一段時間,北方地區弱冷空氣活動頻繁,大部地區氣溫比常年同期偏低1-2懾氏度,其中內蒙古東部、東北地區的平均氣溫將比常年同期偏低3-6懾氏度。從氣象部門近期的預警預報看,今年將可能面臨極端的寒潮冰雪災害氣象條件。   通知強調,各地要加強組織領導,全面落實責任,周密部署,完善應對強降溫、暴風雪的監測預警、應急處寘、信息發佈、督導檢查、指導服務等工作機制,做好各項應急准備,埰取有力措施,確保牲畜安全越冬度春。   農業部要求,各級農牧部門要加強與氣象部門的協作,完善重大災害天氣會商機制和寒潮冰雪災害監測預警運行機制,加強災害監測預警和信息調度,充分利用電視、廣播等媒體和手機短信開展預防和應對暴風雪等極端天氣知識宣傳。積極引導農牧民做好飼草料儲備,合理安排牲畜出欄,最大限度降低災害帶來的養殖風嶮。加強應急值守,及時了解雪災和凍害發生情況,一旦出現災情,要及時派出應急專傢組深入草場牧戶了解和解決突出問題,力爭把災害損失降到最低程度。 (責編:初梓瑞、史雅喬)相关的主题文章: