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The man was sleeping when suddenly floating in the river, sitting frightened firefighters, there are pictures and the truth! At the end of the month, when brother is the most painful day, breaking a few days to index day wages? Always feel their own economic strength and a great gap between colleagues! It is the money to go to Maomao, rain down, when surging! How can money, brother have to tighten their belts, the pursuit of spiritual life! Brother yesterday saw "the Bourne 5" look almost spit out, the fight scenes shook my head, had a paste. Lose money!!! The results of an Internet search, found that he was a pit! This movie was originally 2D, and is the biggest characteristic of handheld shooting a documentary, while domestic unscrupulous traders in order to increase revenue, simply give the audience China special for 3D, leads to poor viewing experience. This is not the first time for the domestic 3D, before the "super body", "Robocop" etc. the movie that is 2D. Mad people! What is it? I really think Chinese people are stupid money ah! Strong resistance to 3D version of "the Bourne 5", only 2D! SARFT to a pipe it shares unhealthy tendencies, hope is the last time. What kurchak near the theater row piece is 3D version, want to see the 2D can not find the place. So said lead’s hateful, or where not to go. Hateful liar liar encourages the executioner is also hateful! Brother thought also said yesterday "Shandong girl cheated tuition news, Xu Yuyu died of depression" (death girl) the mother said in the telephone fraud before they had received notice of the Department of education grants, so when a phone call, there is no doubt. So who leaked the information? There are telephone fraud, Xu Yuyu’s phone shows that the phone is a liar at the beginning of 171, belonging to the virtual operator, by renting physical operators (Telecom, China Unicom, mobile) network to carry out business. So, the three operators in the end do not know who leased the network to whom? The real name system do not toss people light rash and too much in haste! The ancient highway robbery bandits rule, take the scholar not to rob, don’t miss the future, is also Robbers also have their paths. Now I, there is no report what liar commit all sorts, egg only himself, beware. "No matter what tricks for change, as long as the mind does not pay, we must keep in mind! Brother sometimes think, if we all like news sister financial management, the national fraud cases can be reduced by half. Brother can not bear the blow of her, in fact, in the eyes of love, fans are such:: fans, wake up! Money or pay close attention to their own play, enjoy life! On Sunday, thousands of Americans gathered at the border of the Port Huron play drift. Who knows a sudden gust of wind, the sea drift is high of the Americans into canada…… There are about 1500 people, the Canadian coast guard horse, will this help a face Meng B "illegal immigrants" back to their country. The first time that the watermark is so harmonious, is really a magical beauty ah! Inexplicably went abroad, the real "Bao Bao bao". It is said that the Canadian tour also face charged said: "the Americans invade us! (Americans are invading us again)!相关的主题文章: