The man was caught stealing gold breaking after complaining about the store security difference-kasey chase

The man was caught stealing gold breaking after complaining about the store security poor original title: Jiaohe police cracked gold shop theft case new culture Jilin news (reporter Li Yang correspondent Yu Hangliu Zhou Yan) at midnight, unarmed man broke into the shop theft, the room attendants are unaware of thieves; except the fuzzy video, leaving no other valuable police file for investigation and searching for clues; Trinidad, eventually arrested the suspect. The stolen gold shop but I heard in November 6th 6, the Jiaohe Municipal Public Security Bureau 110 command center received the alarm call. A person claiming to be a gold security of the city, said the stolen gold shop. The command center will immediately alarm information to the Jiaohe Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director Wang Wei in charge of the criminal investigation work report. Wang Wei led the Criminal Investigation Brigade investigators rushed to the scene. This is a company located in Jiaohe city bustling section of the shop, the area less than 50 square meters. The report is named Ma Jindian security, 60. He said all night sleep in the shop, found in the morning gate shop was destroyed, but also lost the gold necklace and gold jewelry, worth more than 20 yuan. "I’ve been sleeping in the house. How come I didn’t hear anything?" Ma Mou said. From the scene, the thief is through the implementation of the theft of Front Gate into gold. Through the retrieval of surveillance video and found the gold shop at the entrance, in November 5th 23 PM, a man wearing a peaked cap came to the shop door, began to roll gate to rescue, after a while the man left. Subsequently, he returned to the scene to continue the demolition. Repeated attempts, two hours after the gate shop opened up. Then, the man will shop door opened, after leaving the theft. Survey of suspects whereabouts a mystery after the incident, the Jiaohe Municipal Public Security Bureau set up "11· 06" gold major project group. Track the suspect by Skynet, at the same time, the police arranged detailed investigation of Jiaohe City, each hotel and bathing places. By Skynet tracking found that the suspect came to the train station in Jiaohe City, and Tianjin city to buy a train ticket, but he did not enter the waiting hall, suddenly disappeared from the sky! The police task force through the suspect’s physical characteristics and ticket information retrieval of the train station, and ultimately determine the application of a great suspicion of the crime, after further investigation learned that Shen is the small town people, 39 years old in Shulan City, no home industry has been working in the field. After investigation, Shen uncle lived in the city of Tianjin, Shen is likely to go to Tianjin city to the di. The assistance of the police in Tianjin, police found Shen uncle, can not apply a contact with him. The suspect was arrested in the hotel closed down with the in-depth investigation, an important clue surfaced, Shen 2010 had worked in a bicycle factory in Tianjin. Police immediately rushed to the bicycle factory. Through the application of a contact person and once during the work relationship investigation, to get an important clue: Shen during working with the city of Tianjin had a newsstand man Sohn in close contact, the police then decided to squat in the kiosk near. Can not find Shen Jun for 4 days相关的主题文章: