The makeup of Sichuan 6 colleges and universities in 20 minutes in the two provincial control line u jessica rabbit

The makeup of Sichuan 6 colleges and universities in 20 minutes in the two provincial control line under the college admission drop points Sichuan Chengdu news network September 16th news (reporter Chen Lin) 2016 Sichuan normal college level Bulu voluntary reporting began in September 17th. This collection contains art free normal college, the general category of free normal college, art college, the first batch of Ordinary College (including vocational enrollment classes), ordinary college and the second batch of Tibetan "1+2" mode of higher vocational education, all kinds of specific Bulu institutions and professional and quota annex. Sichuan news network reporter learned from the provincial education examination, because of the new report issued by the state under large source plan, the school application approved by the provincial recruitment Committee, makeup, Sichuan culture and art school in Sichuan, Career Academy, Sichuan hope that the automobile application technology Career Academy, Sichuan film and Television Institute, Sichuan Sanhe Career Academy and Career Technical College in Bazhong ordinary majors in my province, the second batch of college admission control scores less than 20 points lower, namely 170 arts, science 160 points or more is not admitted candidates can fill these 6 colleges, according to the school admission Bulu plans and volunteer candidates according to the parallel application mode from high to low Toudang school to school, for instance book. For the preparation of the 2017 study in the United Kingdom, the students, to understand the new policy IELTS, it is necessary to look at the following 2017 IELTS study in the UK to interpret the new policy. Three types of ordinary IELTS IELTS (IELTS), also known as traditional IELTS, is divided into class A (Academic) and class G (training), can be used to apply for Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 4 all types of UK visa. Registration fee 1750 yuan. IELTS UK visa and Immigration (IELTS for UKVI) is a special operation required to meet the UK visa and immigration requirements and the creation of the test, can be used as part of a UK visa application materials. Registration fee of 2000 yuan IELTS life skills exam (IELTS for Life Skills) only test the candidates of the English speaking and listening level, divided into CEFR (European language common reference frame) A1 and B1 level of class two. Registration fee 1500 yuan. What are the effects of the new IELTS policy on the British students? If you are ready to apply Tier4 (student visa) to enroll in HTS British colleges of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, only need to submit the evidence to the requirements of English language proficiency in offer. The Ministry of Education approved more than and 100 universities in the United Kingdom all belong to Highly Trusted Sponsor. In other words, the application of HTS institutions in the UK students, as long as the language level reached the school requirements, you can ignore this new deal. This also means that in September 2017, enrolled in the preparatory language courses students must take in the designated 12 domestic visa IELTS test class to the uk. In addition, more than half of the annual application of Chinese undergraduate students in the UK due to ielts.相关的主题文章: