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"The magical animal" video footage "flash" interpretation of history of Magic – Sohu entertainment "magic" where is animal posters of Clay Dinse and Graves Newt and the magic animal bowtruckle Sohu entertainment news by Warner Bros., J.K. produced the first screenwriter Rowling, Oscar award, Golden Globe Awards double winner Eddie Reid, Catherine – Watson Mayne Dan Alison, Vogele, su et al. Co starring bud 3D fantasy masterwork "magic animal where" will visit the mainland screen in November 25th. The film today (November 3rd) "video exposure oral history of magic", "flash" Ezra Miller’s identity a mystery in the film young Clay Dinse, he appeared in the interpretation of "magic animal where" behind the video in the history of magic, once in the "Harry – Potter" series in a debut in the wizarding world but notorious repute the old black devil Grindelwald, and the original North American magic world and Hogwarts have a very complex relationship with a profound, "Harry – Potter" series of independent, they are inextricably relationship story also ran out. A secret: Dumbledore and Grindelwald love to kill the previously issued notice, the Dark Lord Grindelwald’s name is mentioned more than once, and this name appears, also successfully hit all the fans excited, after all, Dumbledore and Grindelwald two names always appear. New footage, Ezra Miller admits that he is fanatical fans, so he leads to the common origin of the magical world of Huckleberry: in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", Voldemort had sneaked into the tomb of Dumbledore in trying to steal the Deathly Hallows, one of the highest power holders can bring the elder wand, the wand is. In 1954 Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald to win back. After Voldemort in before, Grindelwald has been ranked the most dangerous black magicians of the top of the list, but did not reach the UK him. Where is the "magic" animal stories in the background of the United States in 1926, at that time, Dumbledore was ordinary professor Hogg Watts college, Grindelwald has just begun in Europe launched an attack. Know a Grindelwald revolution was to overthrow the "international security law", then New York, is a British also strictly enforce the law. Coincidentally, at that time, the North American magic, is under attack by unknown forces…… Secret two: Hogwarts students expelled from the "magic animal where" is based on a North American magic world, "Harry Potter" in the early years of the 70 series of new stories. The magic zoologist, is the movie of the same name written materials Newt scamandre traveled around the world, exploring the magical animal habitat, and record their living habits. Newt was the Hogg Watts Magic School Hufflepuff college students, because of a magical animal endanger the lives of other people were dismissed, however, was the professor was Hogg Watts, Dumbledore strongly opposed. The previous notice, for this period of history has also been mentioned, Colin Farrell played the Auror Graves a face of disdain!相关的主题文章: