The Korean version of startling step by step ratings decline, ranking bottom (video)

The Korean version of "startling step by step" ratings decline, ranking bottom "startling step by step: Li" Tencent entertainment actor Pu Baojian, Jin Yuzhen starred in the KBS drama on fire "cloud painted Moonlight", set of ratings increased sharply in third, followed by fourth sets to 16.4%, successfully achieved the drama on fire a throne. And before the launch of concern SBS Monday Tuesday: "Li" drama startling step by step is to continue on Monday Tuesday drama ratings list at the bottom. The moonlight of the cloud painting since the broadcast ratings continue to rise, and opened the gap with the other two months of the fire drama. At the same time slot in the MBC, "the monster" ratings to 10.8% ranked second, up 0.8% on a set of 10% SBS; and "moon lovers -" startling step by step: Li ratings is 7%, although the night before second in the ratings set by the first increased to 7.4% 9.3%, but fell to 7% in the bottom of the same file. "Li" with startling step by step: Lee Jun-ki, IU, EXO, Bianbo Jiang River that Xian who composed splendid performance lineup and 100% prior to filming concern before the launch, but after the launch was part of the actors and the old story of being questioned. In the word]160827 "[edge." Bianbo startling step by step: Li Xian photo.相关的主题文章: