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The Korean version of " " was Tucao startling step by step; " "   simple scene appearing nervous in public; such as network drama – the media – original title: the Siye life extremely brutal! The four Prince (Lee Jun-ki ornaments), trees (Lee Ji Eun ornaments) and the eight (the prince Jiang River ornaments) "startling step by step · Li" retained the original set bath is the most luxurious scene of the play three Prince (Hong Zongxuan ornaments) with thick black eyeliner is the symbol of France four Prince and bangs covering the surface half of the face this week, the Korean version of "·" startling step by step; Li was finally launched. The Nicky Wu Liu Shishi version of "startling step by step" was a smash hit, so many Chinese audience of Korean with great expectations. Sure enough, the play on the day of Youku 16 hours to achieve the ratings break billion, the day will achieve a 300 million click rate of. However, perhaps it is hoped that the greater the disappointment is also greater, the show aired three episodes, Tucao sound is overwhelming. Although Lee Jun-ki, Lee Ji Eun, Hong Zongxuan, Jiang River, the south pole, he EXO bakhyuns composed of high value handsome Yan group, but the simple drama scene and let people have thick Princess "promotion" that visual sense, the imperial family’s nine children take office has become like the landlord a few possessions for the son, the atmosphere is not up. This scene hot eye Korean dramas full name is "moon lovers — startling step by step · Li", is about in Korea after the fall of imperial power disputes Dynasty princes and the modern girl accidentally through to the Korea times the solution tree between love and friendship. In fourth Lee Jun-ki played Wang Jian’s son emperor is later, Korea fourth monarchs: Wang Zhao. From the view of architecture, retains the original Korean version of "in" a startling step by step "female male" mode, also retained the "nine entropy wins gongdou clues, but Chinese in the eyes of the audience, in the Korean scene and they can not afford to support this royal royal accent. On the other, in addition to several characters decently dressed, the rest of the actors are all dressed in old coarse linen, ladies more is a group dressed in gray cloth. The protagonist of the so-called slightly decent, the clothes have been friends Tucao for the past 200 wholesale Hengdian postal costumes". For example, the brutal three princes, like to wear gold earrings, eye circles painted on the black eye liner than the thick eye liner; the prince also has the same hobby as the prince of the three, what should be worn on the head. As for the "fourth master" four Prince is stylist with a few bottles of wax to create a hundred years will appear after the "instant noodles bangs", his cool black dress, not a prince is more like a killer. Let the audience Chinese hate is the scene appearing nervous in public. The location is narrow and primitive loess streets, even into the palace, is a row of small adobe. The most heroic among the princes lived by the bath Palace – a bathhouse, upstairs is the prince and the Queen’s residence, a house pattern, also is very warm". In addition, the home of Miss need hands-on work, often endure)相关的主题文章: