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The kindergarten dozen students have a fever nosebleeds new decoration Beijing – formaldehyde exceed the standard, the central broadcasting network Suzhou on September 9th news (Jiangsu station reporter Liu Zhi) according to voice of Chinese "news" report, September 1st is the first day of kindergarten, children should be happy to carry a backpack into the campus, but the children of parents in Suzhou new Newton exquisite Bay kindergarten was not happy, they received a letter to the zoo. The letter said that during the summer school reform of the fresh air system, direct drinking water, lighting and other facilities, and the use of environmentally friendly plates, but also the introduction of the European Union in accordance with the standards of Holland imported linseed oil floor. "All environmental protection materials." As can be seen from the letter, the school attaches great importance to the renovation of the environmental problems. But soon, the students have parents said, sent their children to school, dozens of students in different classes have nosebleeds, have a fever, cough and other symptoms, suspected to be caused by formaldehyde exceed the standard. Since the decoration materials are harmless, why do children also appear unwell symptoms? The zoo is detected to muddle through, or are there other reasons? Senior parents told reporters, during the summer vacation, the kindergarten classroom for renovation, they think that their children have symptoms with air contaminated the harmful. It is understood that the Suzhou Newton kindergarten is a private kindergarten, higher grades, school time school is officially in September 1st, but in August 22nd, there is a part for reading small children, a week in advance into the campus to adapt, but also the number of children appeared the earliest symptoms. Parents Ms. Gu said: "many children because the school repair produces a allergic reaction, parents directly to the hospital test allergens, dreadful, allergens and the environment is formaldehyde harmful substances." In this regard, Suzhou Newton kindergarten said they have been running for ten years, has a good reputation, in order to give the children to create a better learning environment, starting from mid July, was upgraded to twelve classes within the hospital country, mainly related to facilities, fresh air air conditioning system installation of drinking water, increase the whole cabinet furniture, paint painting on the wall of the. The desks and chairs are not replaced, the entire upgrade inside and outside the classroom to the end of mid August. Newton kindergarten director Zhu Lijuan told reporters that in August 30th, they specially commissioned Suzhou Guotai environmental testing company limited conducted testing. At that time, the sample was selected, pumping two classes, the detection structure is qualified. In this case, the school was opened, and not to say that there is no correlation detected before. For this test report provided by the school, parents disapproved of kindergarten, involving renovated classroom monitors, both sides in the negotiations did not reach a consensus, the Kindergarten Parents entrust Jiangsu Central Engineering Quality Testing Co., re examination of the classes involved in the decoration. In accordance with national standards, the sampling of air samples, formaldehyde content should not exceed 0.1 mg per cubic meter. However, in September 5th, the results showed that in addition to a classroom of formaldehyde concentration close to 0.1 of the critical value, all other"相关的主题文章: