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The Internet is a new platform for political participation on behalf of members should be   " network; red " – the media – original title: the Internet is a new platform for political participation and political participation will [note] combination of Internet and I have ten years of experience. From 2003 to 2012, the National People’s Congress, as of 2013, Hubei CPPCC Standing committee. March 2006 years ago, my representative is generally recommended by the media reporters after the interview on the internet. At that time I did not think his political achievements made on the internet. Like most members of the committee, I just tried to make a sound during the general assembly, the meeting after the end of their respective home, waiting for the next year to meet again. After March 2006, the situation has changed. In March 2nd of that year, the people’s network to the 15 members of the committee opened a blog, my name is "on behalf of Ye Qing’s blog", which began the "one day a blog" life, to now a total of 2228. With micro-blog, there is no one day blog, but in other places published articles on the blog. At the end of February 2010, Sina micro-blog micro-blog I started mobilization I wrote, refused, because micro-blog is mainly written in literary and art circles. Half an hour later, micro-blog administrator sent a text message, told me that I have been bound by micro-blog and my phone, with the way you can send text messages micro-blog. This raised my interest, the original can also be so simple to play micro-blog ah. Then get out of hand, I now have a Sina micro-blog, micro-blog, micro-blog, WeChat’s Tencent, enterprise E five platform, they become the new platform for participating politics. Now I can quickly access to information from the Internet, I can also issue the voice of the CPPCC members. January 7, 2016, the Hubei provincial Party Secretary and other leaders met six Hubei big V, pay more attention to play the role of big V. In January 17th, I accepted the invitation of the Hubei daily new media "trend news", in the "thinking" column column "big V Ye Qing", and began the "one day a text" life. I think of it as a "one day, one lesson", that is, writing an article a day, the equivalent of a lecture on the economic situation. Therefore, I am the beneficiary and promoter fusion politics and the internet. I would also like to share some of my experiences with the readers of Guangming daily. First of all, on behalf of members should be positive to the mobile Internet Political participation. China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) thirty-eighth "development Chinese Internet Statistics Report" released by the end of June 2016, China’s netizens reached 710 million, among them, the mobile phone users reached 656 million, using a mobile phone up to 92.5% the proportion of Internet users, mobile phone occupies the dominant position in the Internet equipment. At the same time, only through the mobile Internet users reached 173 million, accounting for the overall size of the Internet users of 24.5%. The masses have access to the Internet, and our people’s deputies and CPPCC members do not access the Internet? On behalf of members to learn on the Internet especially mobile Internet to do work in politics. )相关的主题文章: