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The Imperial Palace in Hongqiao to open cining area will supply "Ci Xi nest head" – Beijing this morning, the Imperial Palace Museum officially open the new western Hongqiao fault to cining area, will open two between North and south to the channel, so that the audience can enjoy more wonderful mysterious Royal palace. The new open area, Hongqiao fault and eighteen Huai monuments is open to the public for the first time, the the Imperial Palace of digital culture assets VR studio will also be organized for student groups viewing. The Imperial Palace will open for the audience icehouse mysterious service area, and the creation of ice restaurant, is currently undergoing final preparations, opening soon. With this opening as the beginning of the year, with the opening of a series of new initiatives this year, the Imperial Palace open area will reach 76% by the end of this year. Off Hongqiao exquisite stone lion unique the Imperial Palace this year will open three channels, to the west of the the Imperial Palace area of Hongqiao fault and cining with today is the opening of the. Today, we open the west side of the ‘gate’, hoping to disperse ‘eleven’ to visit the people play a role." Dan Jixiang the Imperial Palace museum director said, this road up to visit the the Imperial Palace in the western region "two big puleses", the audience no longer visit from the axis of the door long longchong u-turn. Hongqiao hee and door off towards North East, ancient stone bridge, dating to the early Yuan Dynasty or. The name of this bridge, Ming and Qing Dynasties did not record, broken Hongqiao is commonly known as later. Some scholars believe that the Hongqiao fault is predecessor — yuan in the Golden Bridge of the Forbidden City, the original three, the demolition of two left, so that the Hongqiao fault. North Bridge, the bridge for the white marble stone paved, on both sides of the bridge installation panels embossed with wear flowers of dragon pattern column look for the lions, look different, wanran such as students. The material of this bridge is exquisite, the decoration is gorgeous, the carving is exquisite, is the crown of the inner river bridge. The famous strange shapes, while holding his abdomen side stone lions, is located on the Hongqiao fault bar. The eighteen is located in Hongqiao Bridge North Huai fault, 18 tall Guhuai, mood of deep, known as the "Eighteen tree". The thickest trunk length of 4.7 meters, up to a height of up to 21 meters, the largest canopy covering half mu. Locust is a species of the ancients attaches great importance to, planted in the palace is a palace of Sophora japonica. Wang Weishi "Palace" in "Mo Huai Ze Gong Huai Yin diameter, shady green moss" of the poem. – the Imperial Palace VR tours digital application of the Imperial Palace palace emperor culture assets are located in the new open area. Here is the application of advanced digital technology, research and display of the Imperial Palace cultural heritage protection and utilization, 3D scanning, digital photography and 3-D digital means, and other cultural relics collection, processing and storage of ancient architecture data, three-dimensional database of the Imperial Palace relics, using virtual reality technology (VR) and other digital technology, three-dimensional representation of cultural heritage the original, all-round promotion of comprehensive application of digital technology in the the Imperial Palace Museum. As of now, digital has produced a "Forbidden City? The emperor palace" "three" "" "Yangxin temple hall Juanqin studio" "Ling Zhao Xuan" "turret" a total of 6 virtual reality program, located within the digital virtual reality studio can accommodate dozens of people watching the game. – the Imperial Palace 5 icehouse相关的主题文章: