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Beijing hospital for pregnant women injected expired saline after January in early March this year – stillborn twins, Changzhou citizens Ms. fan like twins, at the end of April show symptoms of threatened abortion, miscarriage of local maternal and child health hospital to hospital. But what is unexpected is that in the case of salt water was found to have a bag of salt water has expired nearly 5 months. For insurance purposes, Ms. fan selection has been hospitalized, but unfortunately still fell, a month after the inspection found that fetal heart stopped, stillborn twins. Yesterday, the hospital said in an interview, "really hung up the expired saline, but it has no relation with fetal death." Yangzi Evening news media reporter Zhang Bin " " Henghuo women were miscarriage, has hung up the expired saline Changzhou citizen Ms. fan, 33 years old this year, two years ago and her husband married Mr. sun. Mr. Sun told the Yangtze Evening News reporter, they ushered in the first crystallization of love at the beginning of March this year. 70 days pregnant wife, ultrasound that is pregnant with twins, because of their family history of twins, feel like just pie in the sky hit the same. Mr. Sun said, after his wife every day care at home to bed. The evening of April 23rd, his wife suddenly assault, the family immediately took her to the maternal and Child Health Hospital of Changzhou. B ultrasound examination showed that two fetal heart and fetal development of all normal, but there are signs of threatened abortion, the doctor recommended to stay in hospital observation. Subsequently, they immediately hospitalization miscarriage. During hospitalization, they have been in accordance with the doctor’s request Baotai, all inspection indicators are also normal. Mr. Sun told reporters, on May 7th, his wife hung brine Magnesium Sulfate tocolytic therapy according to the doctor, half an hour after the infusion, physical discomfort and nausea. Doctors say this is a normal reaction to the drug, but his wife hung two days ago, but did not respond to these Magnesium Sulfate. Sun recalled that when he checked the brine, found to be valid until December 30, 2015, has expired nearly six months, they immediately shouted to the nurse on duty to stop infusion. Dean signed and acknowledged that "true" according to Mr. Sun said, the hospital after the incident has comforted them, called "saline expired will not have any effect on the human body and the fetus, hope they don’t promote it. In this regard, Mr. Sun’s family think that this is wrong, we should make a written commitment, consequences borne by the hospital. So in May 11th, they found the hospital is responsible for the medical malpractice. After consultation, they fill out a "maternal and Child Health Hospital of Changzhou medical complaint registration form", the complaint expired saline, Chiang signed and confirmed the case, and promised "such as have sequela, identified by the relevant departments by the responsibility". Mr. Sun told the Yangtze Evening News reporter provided at the time of the shooting "expired saline" photos, and the "Changzhou City Maternal and child health hospital medical complaints received registration form" the leadership of the confirmed and signed photos. Reporters saw, "Sodium Chloride Injection" on the bag is indeed written "valid until December 30, 2015". The "registration form" showed that the hospital admitted "expired saline", and make corresponding commitments, and.相关的主题文章: