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"The girl" Fu Yuanhui wants to be a vet to build primary school – in the mountains to Beijing, Fu Yuanhui interview, rich expression. The Olympic member Wu Minxia, Fu Yuanhui came to Jinan University City Campus ride, and communicate with students. Yesterday, the Olympic champion Wu Minxia, "the girl" Fu Yuanhui came to the Jinan University to participate in the 110 Anniversary of Jinan University, the two Olympic members in the Jinan University City Campus of the university students and also personally planting, ride around the campus. In the interactive link, Fu Yuanhui said he hopes to be a veterinarian in the future, and to build a primary school in the mountains. The Guangzhou Daily reporter Xu Jing correspondent Su Yunsheng Guangzhou Daily reporter Zhuang Xiaolong Fu Yuanhui: "the girl" in the mountains to build primary school at the Rio Olympics swimming in an interview after the game, shouted his use of "the power", Fu Yuanhui is called "the girl", her funny expression also spread in the network. Welcomed by everyone because of the real interview, talking about the Rio Olympics why so happy, Fu Yuanhui said it was his most true expression, "the Olympic Games I interviewed so happy, because I am really happy." In fact, Fu Yuanhui introduced himself not obtained by field force results, "any good results must rely on only you know the sweat and tears to get the. Competitive sports is painful for me, but has become a part of my life and occupation, but also can win glory for their country and the ideal, I must try my best to continue it, I felt proud of myself is Chinese athletes and swimmers." When it comes to their next stage of planning and desire, "the girl" showed his caring side, she said to build a primary school in the mountains, "I want to be a vet, but it is best not to take animal experiments to learn veterinary. I do not have time to raise small animals, but I hope in the future can be opened in the country stray animal rescue station, I hope to build a primary school in the mountains, to send clothes to the children snacks." The questions link, the students asked to "swim team Sun Yang and Ning Zetao, who is the most handsome, who is your ideal type", Fu Yuanhui shouted, "you are too gossip," she said many handsome boys swimming team, each with handsome differently, but no one is her food, she also said he I hope to find a little bit mature, not only the appearance of. "Diving Queen" Wu Minxia: if you have a dream do not give up compared to the lively and cheerful "the girl", big sister Wu Minxia Chinese diving team is very dignified and generous. The Rio Olympics is already the fourth time Wu Minxia to participate in the Olympic Games, the 2012 London Olympic Games after Wu Minxia had to retreat, but she also insisted for four years, "when I decided to continue to practice, will certainly want to do if you fail, but life should choose some can break their own things, so many years many doctors say, my body is not suitable to the athletes, but chose to give up is not so easy to do." Sharing the secret of her success, she said that if there is a dream, do not easily put"相关的主题文章: