The game is coming this autumn golden period missed ten games kairui

The game is coming this autumn golden period missed ten games at the end of the hot summer, which means that weeks of insipid, the video game industry will usher in the year of the most popular in the period before the end of the holiday season of autumn, the major game manufacturers will get together under the big game to the market, trying to dry the game player’s purse. Is the long-awaited sequel of them, there are exquisite interesting works independently. So, what are the games to play this fall? "Forza: Horizon 3" "Forza: Horizon" series has been known as the visual impact of the ultra high definition, and the new task for the most personally visit experience for the game player, "Horizon 3" in Australia for the stage, than before on the scene two times bigger. In addition, the new version will have 4 people from the League mode, make you walk in Queensland tropical rainforest and the hippie shrine in Byron Bay, no longer alone. Launch date: September 27th support version: PC, Xbox One "FIFA 17" swept the world football game "FIFA 17" will be a revolutionary improvement. In addition to upgrading AI, characters of the attack and walk also improved. Another bright spot on the new addition of the story mode, players can take the perspective of new players Alex Hunter, starred in its efforts to fight, the story of the premiership. Launch date: September 27th version: PC, PS3, support PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One "war machine 4" after a lapse of 5 years, this seemingly male hormone excess big sci-fi shooter to return to the game industry. He brought the triumphant return of the giant, familiar with firearms, as the huge monster monster game player, as well as the classic bloody battle. This happened in the 3 generation after the end of the 25 years, the protagonist and the need for new alien army Swarm showdown. Fortunately, when humans have been with a sharp and seckill enemy chainsaw assault rifle, a reign of terror will presumably set off. Launch time: October 11th, XBox One support version: PC PlayStation VR PlayStation4 VR Sony Corp, each priced at 349 pounds (the price of 2999 yuan), although not "cheap", but had to admit it "wumart". The device in the future will have more than 50 games to support, including Batman, Rez unlimited and biochemical crisis 7, will set off the world’s VR charm veil. Launch time: October 13th support version: PS4 battlefield 1 in this role comes with their own long-distance running skills and endurance of the military shooting game, rarely set during the first world war. The basic facts, and in the 64 battle provides tanks and aircraft carrier etc.. Game player can land, in France, the Alps and Sinai Snow gleams white. muddy, the desert to experience the thrill of flying. Launch time: October 22nd support version: PS4 and Xbox.相关的主题文章: