The forest near Beijing City Xindu peacock city heart home farewell congestion ca1835

The forest near Beijing City Xindu peacock city heart let my way before the dawn to congestion, swaying, accompanied by the song of the birds, the world began to wake up, life slowly on track…… Everyone has a dream home in Locke, convenient transportation of the city, happiness into normal life, away from the dust of the city, near Beijing, with "convenient" home! October, Beijing Taiwan high-speed, take you home, give you happiness! Beijing high-speed traffic in October, the instantaneous speed of 120KM, arrived in Beijing downtown according to JINGWAH times news, the reporter learned from the City Planning Commission, through Daxing District to the capital of the new airport and the Beijing Beijing high-speed section, officially launched the 19 bridge naming ceremony, and Beijing will be in October this year through the car. Beijing high-speed Beijing section is 26.6 km north of Daxing District is located in the old palace in the town of city rapid road south south end point Puhuangyu, Daxing District Lixian town Tian Village, namely Beijing and Hebei, connected with the Beijing Hebei high-speed section, the maximum speed of up to 120KM, then, from the forest city Xindu Peacock (real estate information) go of the Beijing high-speed, transient can be arrived in Beijing downtown! Beijing high-speed 40 kilometers to the city of Victoria, let the home farewell jam Xindu peacock city is located in the Tiananmen forest, South 50 kilometers living circle, and high-speed Beijing Taiwan after the official opening, 40 kilometers to the city of Victoria, 8 Lane two-way traffic, and direct access within the project "road to happiness", within the regional traffic network series. Whether home or travel, complete farewell congestion, let life smooth infinite! Xindu peacock city forest, in the upcoming opening of the Beijing high-speed positive, near Beijing City, but also to facilitate the life! Among them, the forest Xindu peacock City, upgrade the quality of forest products Xindu peacock city · four LAN Bay, 83-97 square meters of Kan Jingmei curtilage, new city, health city of Forest Park, good life, convenient from the start! Details of the consultation: 400-819-1111 turn 689259.相关的主题文章: