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The Football Association Gao Hongbo   to resign; what happened — Hainan channel — briefing scene at the eve of uzi. In new network reporter Yue Chuan photo’s 0-2 defeat of Uzbekistan, coach Gao Hongbo announced his resignation at a news conference after the match. Before and after the resignation of Gao Hongbo, what happened? On the 13 day of the media briefing, Chinese Football Association President Cai Zhenhua, in front of Yu Hongchen, led by the head of the football association leadership a detailed description of the situation at that time. "Before the game, I and the football association leadership have a very long time to communicate, they think China’s current results, the coach should undertake the main responsibility. I understand that." After the country lost to Uzbekistan, the coach Gao Hongbo resignation speech, more surprising than the results themselves. A time of rumors since four, all is rampant. Two days in the past, the Football Association finally made a response to the matter. At the briefing, Yu Hongchen detailed the situation on the eve of the game. He said the evening of 10, the Chinese Football Association President Cai Zhenhua arrived in Tashkent, at half past nine or so to listen to the report on the preparation of the coach team. This is a routine procedure, not a temporary decision. A total of seven participants, namely the football association president Cai Zhenhua, head of the team, Guo Bingyan, coach, coach, coach, assistant coach, goalkeeper coach, coach, as well as a foreign coach of physical fitness, the coach, the coach, the coach of the team, the coach of the team, the coach of the team, the coach of the team, the coach of the team, the coach of the team, the coach of the team, the coach of the team, the coach of the team, the coach of the. At the meeting, Gao Hongbo analyzed the situation of the opponent, and put forward the plan to deal with. On this basis, President Cai Zhenhua put forward his own suggestions, can be summarized as four points: first affirmed the competition program manager, including the formation of change; secondly to give players positive encouragement, confidence is essential; for coaching players in the game reflect some irritable, impatient the situation, President Cai Zhenhua also gives his own advice, I hope you pay attention to the course, do not worry about personal gains and losses; finally, to strengthen the security work for the mention of the football association. "The meeting is a collective participation, according to the procedure," Yu Hongchen stressed. Cai Zhenhua also said that before each game will listen to the coaching staff on the preparation of the report, and make their own recommendations. "Is the study and discussion with the coaching team, how to play back in difficult circumstances, how to make the players play in the Super League level, the pressure is too large, the players did not really play. But the decision is still in the hands of the coach, the football association is more services, is a guarantee, since the employment will be fully supported, there will be no intervention." Chinese Football Association President Cai Zhenhua in new network reporter Tang Qi photo unfortunately, although the players very hard, eventually because of the strength of the gap, can not take away from the integral Tashkent, after coach Gao Hongbo at the press conference scene to resign. In view of this situation, the leadership of the Football Association said, in front of the coach and the country groups to discuss the future of how to face the current situation, how to encourage players to play well; the first time after returning with the coaching staff Fu Bo, Qu Chuliang on the national team for the next plan, preparing for work and no)相关的主题文章: