The first post-war U.S. warships docked Bay to strengthen the more beautiful naval

The first post-war U.S. warships docked Bay   to strengthen the more beautiful naval cooperation – Guizhou Channel – original title: U.S. warships docked the first post-war Ranh naval cooperation to strengthen the more beautiful according to Bloomberg news, the U.S. Navy said in October 4th that the normalization of relations between the 21 years, two U.S. warships docked in Vietnam for the first time cam Ranh Bay (Cam Ranh Bay). The U.S. submarine supply ship "Frank cable" (USS Frank Cable) and missile destroyer "John S Mccain" (USS John S. McCain) arrived in Vietnam in 2, which is part of the naval activities more contact. Other US supply ships have also visited Vietnam in the past. Bloomberg believes that the visit is part of the United States’ recent efforts to strengthen cooperation with the Vietnamese navy. Singapore Institute of forest (Collin Koh) hi tech expert analysis said that this shows the relationship between the United States and Vietnam military and security in gradually, "in the past few years, you can see the Vietnam is gradually tilted to Japan, such as countries like the United states." The bay is located in the south of Vietnam, has important military value of deep-sea moorings for large vessels. In the past, have been used for the bay of France, Russia and the United States navy. The withdrawal of Russian troops from cam Ranh Bay in 2002 after the cam Ranh Bay has become an important base for the Vietnamese navy. As a natural harbor, bay can not only large ships docked, and strategic location, is regarded as the strategic importance of more than Da Nang. In May, President Obama announced his decision to lift the arms embargo against Vietnam during his visit to Hanoi. The Wall Street Journal said the decision was a milestone for the United States to achieve reconciliation with its old enemy and a broader U.S. strategy to return to asia. The military exercise was carried out on the occasion of the strengthening of the national defense relations between the United States and Vietnam. It is expected that the two countries will have new development in the Navy and other aspects. (TU min, Chen Kangqing: commissioning editor) 美军舰越战后首次停靠金兰湾 加强美越海军合作–贵州频道–人民网 原标题:美军舰越战后首次停靠金兰湾 加强美越海军合作 据彭博社消息,美国海军10月4日表示,美越关系正常化21年来,两艘美军军舰首次停靠在越南金兰湾(Cam Ranh Bay)。 美军潜艇补给舰“弗兰克凯布尔号”(USS Frank Cable)和导弹驱逐舰“约翰S麦凯恩号”(USS John S. McCain)于 2日抵达越南,这是美越海军接触活动的一部分。其他美军补给舰过去也曾访问过越南。 彭博社认为,此次访问是美国近期努力增强与越南海军合作的一部分。 新加坡拉惹勒南国际研究院专家高科林(Collin Koh)分析说,这说明了美越之间军事和安全关系在逐步提升,“过去几年里,可以看到越南正逐渐向诸如日本、美国这样的国家倾斜。” 金兰湾位于越南南部,有深海停泊大型船舰的重要军事价值。过去,金兰湾曾相继为法国、美国和俄罗斯海军所用。俄罗斯军队在2002年撤出金兰湾后,金兰湾成为越南海军的重要基地。 作为天然良港,金兰湾不仅能停靠大型船只,而且地处要冲,被视为比岘港更具战略重要性。 今年5月,奥巴马总统在访问河内期间宣布了取消对越武器禁运的决定。《华尔街日报》表示,这一决定是美国与其宿敌实现关系和解以及美国更大范围的重返亚洲战略的一个里程碑。 而此次军演是在美越两国国防关系不断加强之际进行的,预计两国将在海军等方面有新发展。 (责编:涂敏、陈康清)相关的主题文章: