The first national square dance contest will be held in Kaihua guitarpro5

The first national square dance contest will be held on October 17th in Kaihua, the author from the Quzhou Kaihua County text brigade Committee learned that from the "dancing Chinese – dance League finals at the closing ceremony of the news," dancing Chinese — the first national square dance contest will be held on December 2nd to 5 held in kaihua. In recent years, Kaihua County actively promote the square dance movement, the different forms of organized square dance activities, enrich people’s amateur cultural life. At present, the county line (square dance) association membership of more than 400 people, has won the Zhejiang Province, the first women’s Sports Festival Dance Group Competition Award and many other awards; have Chinese square dance Ambassador 1 people in Zhejiang Province, 2 people square dance ambassador. In addition, from the beginning of 2014, the county has also successfully hosted the world Bocce Championships, National Men’s Weightlifting Championships and the Olympic trials and a series of events, accumulated the experience of national competition held, laid a good foundation for "dancing Chinese — the first square dance competition held successfully. Kaihua County the Tourism Committee staff said that the next Commission will strengthen the county brigade butt contact with the relevant departments of a good supporting services and promotion work, through the sports event held, to better promote the county’s economic and social development, to contribute to efforts to promote the construction of the national park.相关的主题文章: