The first grade of Tang Yu Shuxin nagging pattern around the halo Zhao Zhiwei entertainment Sohu plustek

The first grade of Tang Yu Shuxin nagging pattern around the halo Zhao Zhiwei entertainment Sohu Yu Shuxin   Sohu entertainment news not the chop hand child dog, just after the day, netizens on Saturday night in full screen pink "Hunan TV program" the first grade. In this episode, "fan Mei Yu Shuxin & Zhao Zhiwei continues to fit the sugar, staged offbeat rehearsal, rehearsal was to draw the bone elegant sweet all over. However, many users found that before the Official Trailer appeared in two romantic kiss but did not appear in the official program, which have been quietly looking forward to the first picture of the netizens of quarrelsome lovers broken in one place. A sweet one of "the first grade" official broadcast program fourth on Saturday night, catch up with the success of God "many sister circles carry handle and a series of" Yu Shuxin male god Zhao Zhiwei body made of sugar. However, many users have said that after the fourth phase of the program, before the trailer fan Mei Yu Shuxin & kiss link male god Zhao Zhiwei did not appear in the official broadcast, it also allows many viewers disappointed. For Zhao Zhiwei and the men of God kissing was cut, Yu Shuxin responded to keep their usual straightforward personality: romantic memories to yourself. Although the kiss was cut, but Zhao Zhiwei & Yu Shuxin; sugar does not stop, in a tense sketch rehearsal exercises two did not forget the moment on child all over the plot, Miss Yu Shuxin Tang of debris flow, open again naggings mode, draw the bone three sparring way is let Zhao Zhi Wei "sweet sorrow". From the spot for the men of God Zhao Zhiwei love has not responded to the capture of the male god heart two frequently fit the sugar, many younger sister Yu Shuxin along the way can be described as the topic of time. In the first phase of the program was broadcast on the big screen, for the first time to meet with you in the form of Yu Shuxin become a all participants in the most controversial, many netizens accused her manners too ", became a recruit black physique. Now "the first grade" broadcast to fourth, in the program or the Yu Shuxin outspoken, simple real debris flow miss, but the audience the impression of her has changed. Never be accepted by the audience to now become netizens get skills to many sister circles carry handle, debris flow with their most simple Miss Yu Shuxin true side to let everyone know she seriously! For many younger sister circles carry handle "Yu Shuxin with God Zhao Zhiwei kissing was cut, users have a message:" read the notice for more than a week, rushed to support the dog kissing the winter then, the results of our fans sister Shin Shin and male god kissing was cut? No love!" More netizens team to micro-blog Yu Shuxin comfort: "although the kiss was cut out, but you still kiss to God. Many sister will take you, O God got more skills!"相关的主题文章: