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The drow war leader Ferrara Lippi to win the prize on the 5 million – Chinese sports Sohu 19:35 Beijing time on September 10th, Wuhan zall team at Xinhua Road Stadium against the leader of Guizhou Hengfeng zhicheng. The pre match press conference, coach Ferrara Thatcher said: "although Guizhou is a strong team, we are confident!" War imminent, the drow team out of 5 million players to win the prize incentive. Throughout the league standings, Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng 15 wins 5 flat 5 negative 50 points behind the top. While Wuhan zall team 7 wins 7 flat 11 negative 28 points ranked thirteenth, and the bottom third of Hohhot and the same points, only more than second from the bottom in Qingdao more than 3 points, avoid relegation situation in jeopardy. In the twenty-sixth round of the league, Wuhan zall in home court against leaders Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng, members of one mind, and Our wills unite like a fortress. shizaibide! In this game, the drow clubs single game 5 million to win the prize! Before the press conference, Thatcher coach Ferrara bluntly: "although in recent games, our team has suspended and injured, but we the whole week of training are carried out according to plan. We have confidence now, although tomorrow’s opponent is a strong team, but we play every time the players are very good performance." Recently, there are rumors that Lippi will return to China to teach, Ferrara read the relevant reports: I read the newspaper in Italy, the relevant news, but did not talk to confirm with Lippi. Lippi taught in China for 3 and a half years, this time to make a great contribution to the promotion of Chinese football, but also to prove his strength to china." Captain Yao Hanlin talked about the game, said: "the game against the first ranked team, we fight at home, their own say. To show the drow spirit and can do spirit, courage and uprightness, is a good game should be." Yao Hanlin also forget tomorrow is teacher’s day, he immediately said: "tomorrow is teachers’ day, I wish all teachers, happy holidays!" (Wing)相关的主题文章: