The Columbia government and the largest rebels to extend the ceasefire agreement – Sohu Military Cha-haywire

The government of Columbia: the extension of the ceasefire agreement with the biggest anti-government armed military channel Sohu on 13 October, Xinhua news agency, Bogota: Columbia’s president Santos announced on 13, and the largest brother rebels of the revolutionary armed forces of Columbia (hereinafter referred to as "brother Wu") of the ceasefire agreement will be extended to December 31st this year, and expressed the hope that before this date and the organization reached a new agreement". "I decided to extend the ceasefire agreement to December 31st, this is not an ultimatum, nor a deadline, but I hope to reach a new agreement before this date," Santos said in a televised speech that day. The peace agreement the government and "brother brother Wu" after the signing of the rejected at 2 this month after the referendum, Santos and opposition leader, former president Uribe appointed 3 negotiators to start negotiations on the peace process. Uribe insisted that the peace agreement is too much to tilt, do not agree with a number of content. Whether the opposition can reach an agreement with the government, but also become the key to whether the peace process can continue to advance. After the peace agreement was rejected, the Colombian military has repeatedly said it would not take up arms, but will seek a peaceful way through dialogue. The international community, the parties expressed the hope that the Colombian Columbia peace process as soon as possible, I hope the Colombian government, the opposition and the Colombian army can reach an agreement as soon as possible, do not fall into war.相关的主题文章: