The cigarette smuggling chain of black interests involved more than half of the ghost to the airport-truffe

The cigarette smuggling chain of black interests: more than half of those involved in the airport for the ghost source: CCTV finance, the rule of law in Shanghai reported recently, Shanghai police cracked cigarette smuggling cases, shockingly, involved much more than half of people at the airport, the airline’s "ghost", or is there Airport Experience "water". "Water" collusion "ghost" smuggling police found only 15 minutes at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport airport survey, once in the work of the staff as "water" with the goods into the airport, through WeChat or SMS, luggage and baggage tag photos sent to the airport staff, the airport staff use a post, in the baggage sorting area will be equipped with cigarette luggage from the "international channel" to "domestic arrival", from the international security.   and then the airport staff to return to the departure hall, from the passenger baggage extracted from the luggage with cigarettes, to the other airport staff out of the airport. In just 15 minutes, the gang has completed a carefully planned action.   1 million 800 thousand yuan of tax evasion "water" mostly "90" in the grasp of criminal evidence, the anti smuggling police launched the net action. April 21st, more than 4 suspects returned from Shanghai, Japan, just out of the airport, the suspects and the driver was arrested by the police on the spot, the 4. The suspects carrying luggage, anti smuggling police seized nearly 800 cigarettes. Subsequently, the police arrested the airport staff involved in smuggling and other personnel involved.   the police, the case involving 2 million 600 thousand yuan, involving tax evasion in 1 million 800 thousand yuan, seized nearly 4000 cigarettes. The group averaged times a week between Osaka and Shanghai, Japan, carrying cigarettes each time, more than and 300. Suspects smuggled cigarettes are duty-free shops and convenience stores from Japan to buy a high price difference, a week to earn 2-3 million. The survey found that these "water" are mostly 90, even after "95", and some have been working at Pudong airport, the airport is very understanding of the environment. In addition to "water", is the work of the airline service personnel, other personnel as driver, consignee, courier and logistics personnel, responsible for receiving transport to Liaoning and other places with the cigarette. "Because the service personnel on the airport route, time of terrain are very familiar with, and have access to a work channel convenience, arrived at the airport in the ‘water’, they will according to the site corresponding to take a different approach to smuggling, very alert, has very strong camouflage." Police, the 16 suspects on suspicion of smuggling ordinary goods crime, criminal detention by the police. Where are the smuggled cigarettes? Be careful of your circle of friends are stolen goods so these smuggled cigarettes is how to sell? In addition to the "water" and the airport staff collusion, some tour guides have become a part of the chain of interests of cigarette smuggling. According to Chongqing police cracked the case earlier, Chongqing District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau held 3相关的主题文章: