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The bride wearing cosmetic contact lenses: don’t use the camera — Jiangsu Channel – original title in the studio shot: the bride to wear photo cosmetic contact lenses tips cosmetic contact lenses can be corrected visual acuity, but also can beautify the eyes, make your eyes brighter and more of God, so as to achieve the effect of beauty, the beauty of the many buddy artistic photos can choose to wear Shangmei. The beautiful pupil adds a touch of color to the fashion, and has been pursued by more young people. More and more young people are also in touch with the beautiful pupil. The following Xiaobian prepared for you to take pictures of the beauty pupil wearing a little common sense. A cosmetic contact lenses, wear is not recommended for use in the filming location again when wearing wedding. In general, people’s eyes in the light, there will be a bright spot, especially in the shooting, there will be several lanterns lighting lamp on new, but also take a lot of close range photos. If wearing black cosmetic contact lenses, in particular, will affect the eye reflex, the spot can shoot out, eyes will look dull, a little fake, some close-up effect is not very good. While shooting is the natural light reflection point glasses of light will be weakened, and the exterior photos are generally one scene together, do not have too many facial features, so wear cosmetic contact lenses is not what problem. Two, to make the picture look natural, it is recommended to choose the coffee beauty pupil glasses, Brown is the closest to our iris color. Some MM wear gray color film, also more natural. Three, choose the best brand cosmetic contact lenses used, it is easier to adapt to other brands, for the first time, it may take a long time to adapt to the feeling of wearing it. The same brand of each product has the same characteristics, it is easier to adapt to use. Four, carry with the beautiful eye matching nursing liquid, in case of eyes into the sand, you can wash under, ensure eye hygiene. (commissioning editor Geng Zhichao and Zhang Xin)

新娘佩戴美瞳拍照:不要在棚内拍摄时使用–人民网江苏频道–人民网 原标题:新娘佩戴美瞳拍照小常识   美瞳既可以矫正视力,还可以美化眼睛,让自己的眼睛更亮更有神,从而达到美容效果,许多爱美的小伙伴拍艺术照都会选择戴上美瞳。美瞳给时尚增添一抹色彩,受到了更多年轻人的追求,越来越多的年轻人也在接触美瞳。下面小编就给大家准备了拍照时美瞳佩戴的小常识。   一、佩戴美瞳建议不要在棚内拍摄时使用,拍外景婚照时再戴上。一般情况下,人的眼睛在光线作用下,会有一个亮点,尤其是在棚内拍摄时,都会有几盏打光灯照着新人,而且还要拍很多近景的照片。如果戴了美瞳,尤其是黑色的,会影响眼球的反射,这个亮点就拍不出来了,眼神就会显得呆滞,有点假,一些特写镜头的效果就不是很好。而拍摄外景,都是自然光线,眼镜对光线的反射点也会减弱,而且外景婚照一般都是人景合一,不会有太多的面部特写,因此戴美瞳也就没什么问题了。   二、要让照片看上去自然,建议大家选择咖啡色美瞳眼镜,棕色是最接近我们虹膜的颜色。有的MM戴过灰色的彩片,也比较自然。   三、最好选择曾经用过的美瞳品牌,这样比较容易适应,其他品牌第一次用的话,可能需要一段时间来适应佩戴它的感觉。而同一品牌中各款产品都有相同的特性,使用起来也比较容易适应。   四、随身携带与美瞳相配的护理液,万一眼睛进沙子的时候,可以冲洗下,确保眼部卫生。 (责编:耿志超、张鑫)相关的主题文章: