The boss in the double chromosphere 15 million let the two employees help awarding figure polartec

The boss in the double chromosphere 15 million to two employees to help staff – map generation boss prize awarding evening of October 30th, the double chromosphere 2016127th lottery, Haikou China World Trade Center in a 15 million yuan prize, the prize of the news immediately caused the province city color sensation, it is this year in the tenth note the double chromosphere of our province the first prize, but also in our province this year, the highest single note bonus award. It is reported that the current year is Shuangseqiu 900 million yuan awards after starting fourth faction award, the lottery lottery for multiple bets, so in the awards, get 5 million yuan to send prizes. 4 pm yesterday, two 30 year old man appeared in the Provincial Welfare Lottery Center, against the collar of this issue first prize 15 million yuan. But surprisingly, the two men said their only award for awarding, real winners are their boss. Winning the lottery winners to continue to play calm brother: 2, bonus determines that the reporter from the provincial home Fucai Center learned that this note first prize in the address is Haikou China World Trade Center Meiyuan Fucai nearly 2 sales office, winning the lottery is a 420 yuan 10+1 double votes, the votes in a total of 15 million yuan. Yesterday afternoon, the sales office staff, the winner is an old lottery, lottery sales often go to China World Trade Center Meiyuan room to play almost 2 games, every Shuangseqiu lottery day, winner also often buy lottery, love to buy double ticket number is pre written on paper, and then give it to the sales ticket, each hit 100 yuan, 10+1 double the winning lottery number is winning lottery numbers see chart picked out. The evening of October 30th, the lottery buying lottery to play fast 2 game in the sales hall, late 9 when Xu Shuang ball lottery, the first time that he got the first prize. This is a shocking news immediately spread in the sales hall attracted a lot of envy. The staff of the lottery, he knew he was in the first prize, bonus amount has not been released, so calm and play the lottery game in nearly 2 sales office. Until 10 o’clock that night, the lottery winnings to query on the net, before leaving the sales office. When the lottery in the sales department confirmed that their after winning, he would not go to pay, will have to take, so the emergence of the two men at the beginning of this generation to receive 15 million yuan a. Two employees receive: the boss does not want to buy lottery hobby, low-key appearance to award a man surnamed Zhou (of surname), he told reporters, the boss Chen (of surname) is a businessman, there are a lot of works, he has a special hobby, is to buy lottery tickets. As for the boss how to buy lottery, how did, they didn’t ask the boss, did not say, they just listen to the boss’s command took the boss to come to the lottery lottery. An interview with reporters, Mr. Zhou also with the boss first issued after WeChat referrals, replied: "the boss asked low-key, only to more than 5 million yuan in prize money, but also just hit the lottery awards". "This afternoon, the boss took out a lottery ticket and told us he won the lottery相关的主题文章: