The assassination of Trump man identity was his original exposure

The assassination of the identity of the man Trump was originally his November 5th night, there are 3 days away from the U.S. presidential election. Riots in the Republican candidate Trump in Reno, Nevada campaign rally, someone shouted "him with guns!" After the riot caused the man was taken away by the police. At night, the man was released after police investigation. The man told the media that he was a Republican for six years, he did not have a gun, he just went to protest against Trump. In the chaos, he is confused. According to the British "Guardian" (the) reported on the evening of November 5th, after being taken away by the police and investigation, the arrest of the assassin was released, and accepted the guardian interview. The Trump camp described as "Assassin" the name is called Klec (Crites). In the interview, William kleitz stressed that he is a registered Republican for six years. He said he had just given a banner to protest against Trump. But others are trying to tear his slogan, the pushing behavior became chaos. Then, someone shouted, said he had a gun, but he was a man with his neck, there is no way to argue. Klec thought that the atrocities he had just proved why he was against Trump. Klec said that Trump was a fascist dictator who would turn good men into beasts. He was not afraid of the atrocities he had suffered. What really scared him was what would happen to the United States if Trump became president. According to the "Huffington post" reported that after investigation and kleitz the scene of the police, and found no weapons. (observer)相关的主题文章: