The absence of the hall of fame conference to help Yao Ming fat fat to wear a special Jacket – Sohu

The answer is absent conference hall of fame Austria fat help Yao Ming wear special sports jacket – Sohu Yao Ming put on American Basketball Hall of fame jacket O’neal dress to Beijing on September 9th news, in 2016 the Naismith Basketball Hall of fame press conference in Springfield today. Because the travel problems, Allen Iverson did not attend the conference, Yao Ming and Shaquille O’neal wearing the orange jacket special hall of fame. According to the arrangement, the hall of fame is being held today, and the hall of fame ceremony will be held on Friday. Under normal circumstances, Iverson should be before the conference in Springfield; but it is a pity, because the plane was delayed because of "the answer" missed the conference. But after that, he still appeared in the group visit links. Yao Ming appeared on stage after O’neal. After taking the jacket, Yao Ming seemed to be in a bit of a struggle. At this time O’neal took the initiative to come to the side of the side of the side, assists the Chinese giant put on a jacket, Yao Ming. During the conference, O’neal revealed the best historical lineup of NBA in his mind, which is not Kobe, are the "magician" Johnson, Michael – Jordan, Bill – Russell, Julius – Erwin (Dr. J), and Carle Malone. In addition, O’neal also ridicule, Kobe did not congratulate him to the hall of fame…… After the group visit, Iverson said: "I like Jordan, but I’ve never seen such a dominant guy like O’neal in the game." The answer also specifically refers to the Chinese fans, they are the world’s most enthusiastic and loyal fans, Iverson said. According to previous reports, the hall of fame ceremony on Saturday, Yao Ming’s 3 recommenders there are Dikembe – Mutombo (2015 Hall of fame), Russell (1975) and Bill Walton (1993). (Jim)  相关的主题文章: