The 16307th phase Danma forecast Fucai 3D Bo 23 9- Sohu

The 16307th phase: Danma forecast Fucai 3D 9- Sohu 3D Bo 23 welfare lottery lottery results 2016306th period: 073, small size, even Kiki combination, and a value of 10, span 7, the sales of 40487244 yuan, in the direct election of 13447, the group selected 33588 note, 2016307 lottery 3D forecast: review in 3 and only. The tail 0 Danma analysis: nearly 10 period number 9 appears 0 times, the historical record and number 2 and 3 the number of associated frequently, the bile of 239; and the tail and tail analysis: nearly 5 were 7-9-9-5-0, optimistic about the large number and tail covering, the recommendation and the tail 467 span analysis: nearly 5; time span is 1-8-3-3-7 respectively, the amplitude of bullish too large, the recommended 578 span; location: 100 at number 139 recommended ten curious; recommend 269 bit value decimal; see the number of recommended 569 curious; next recommendation: bile Code: 239-29-9 and tail: 467 span: 578 positioning analysis: 139269569 straight group selection analysis: 269694379269259642 599247646951692相关的主题文章: