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This is why you know a taxi the original title: all know why this taxi expensive Author: King Mountain source: public number king mountain yesterday Guangzhou Shenzhen are out of the new regulations about net car draft, specific provisions is not quoted, the core meaning of a less open network about cars better. So it can be imagined that this draft, in fact, it is difficult for you to make good comments. Wrong direction, how to adjust, can not be satisfied with the whole position. What can you say? The only positive significance of these drafts is education, which helps us to understand some of the misconceptions of the past. First, the monopoly. Prior to the merger of drops and excellent step, many people worry that the market will lead to monopoly price increases, in fact, this is a deep-rooted misunderstanding. Economists have long argued that the fact that many areas of monopoly, the market led to the final result is the lower prices, rather than the subjective speculation that prices rise. Because to achieve the goal of "blocking competitors" and "pleasing consumers", the most effective way is to provide inexpensive products. Really harmful monopoly is the monopoly of administrative power, now about the high threshold of the car, the essence is a monopoly. When only the local household registration, local car license plate to provide services, the cost is increased, the supply is reduced, the price may not be high? Now you know why taxis are expensive. Second, the sense of security. The most serious damage to these new regulations, not individual taxi users. One night before returning to the liberation, the big can not endure, bitter days anyway accustomed to. But those who are optimistic about the industry, specifically to buy a car to rely on this for a living, really lost money lost the industry, more miserable. There are drops of such companies, if the new regulations are implemented, how to live? Even if there is a policy on the countermeasures, the cost will be steep. Just burn early, now is simply terrible. Have regrets, exit is excellent step wise in advance. This can not be expected to kill the policy, so that individuals and businesses how to have a sense of security? They do not hurt the day does not harm the rationale, there is no anti government, but the provision of services to make a living, recruit who provoke who? Over the past few years, it is often said that he was doing his own thing, do not ask right and wrong, so that you can have a sense of security, but the reality proves that you do not care about him, he will come to care about you. No escape. Third, the difficulty of bus reform. Remember the bus reform time and again, the bus is now canceled exactly how many do not know, but the car is real money to continue to dig out, more and more pay. At that time, some experts said that the abolition of a group of both benefits, will be particularly cautious, particularly difficult. Can look at the present, people get so little taxi benefits from the market, the cancellation is actually a matter of minutes. We can see that there is no "welfare rigidity", and some just "power capricious". As long as the power or the like power, what to talk about the bus reform, the reform of the pension system, medical system reform, may have symptoms refractory to all roads, coming to a conclusion: the welfare of ordinary people say no, the owner of the power of the welfare more subtle. Of course, as long as the time is long enough, the world will Wei相关的主题文章: