Thailand in Thailand held in Chiang Mai on the first day of the exhibition Fair Beijing – nearly a m winavi video converter

Thailand in Thailand held in Chiang Mai on the first day of the fair view exhibition visitors the news agency of the new network in Kunming in September 23 – 10000 Xinhua (reporter Hu Yuanhang) 23 reporters from the new group was informed that the 2016 Thailand book fair, Chinese film promotion and Thailand publishing Film Forum 22 in Thailand Chiang Mai International Convention and Exhibition Center curtain. The opening day activities, which attracted more than 9000 people visit the readers. This event is one of a series of activities to celebrate the 41 anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Thailand, as the highlight of the event, the Thailand book fair, Chinese – film promotion show more than 17 thousand volumes of books, audio and video products, divided into "classical Chinese", "China culture", "beautiful Chinese", "science and technology Chinese", "China dream", "colorful Yunnan" six major themes, but also dedicated the publication of the Thailand exhibition area, Thai film exhibition, and "Zhou Enlai", "Chinese culture" and other 300 kinds of books for readers to browse to buy Thai version. The opening day of the exhibition hall, the reader in a continuous line. Published by the national Audiovisual Publishing House of Yunnan culture "Yunnan national art", sung Renjiaoban (Thai version) "Happy Chinese" series, "the kids are reading Nobel classic literature" and other books by readers. In the dream Chinese counter, "Xi Jinping on governance", "Jiang new language" to reflect the development of the China series of books, but also by the Thailand publishing institutions and people of all ages. According to organizers statistics, the opening day of the event, the reader has more than 9000 people. It is expected that the entire exhibition exhibition will exceed the number of more than 2 people, book sales amounted to 150 thousand yuan sale. In addition, in the Thai television forum held the day of publication, communicate with both sides in the Thai publishing, film and television cooperation, and reached a number of cooperation intention. 23, Yunnan Education Press Bangkok branch was established in Thailand’s capital Bangkok listing. (end)相关的主题文章: