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Tang Yan: do not understand at first after Weiyang with her as Tang Yan Li Weiyang. Be made one Oriental Daily News chief correspondent Wu Jingjing · the mammoth large costume drama "beautiful" November 11th Weiyang night 19:30 visit the Oriental TV broadcast. The drama directed by director Li Huizhu [micro-blog], Tang Yan [micro-blog], Luo Jin [micro-blog], Vanness Wu [micro-blog], Xiao Tong [micro-blog], Li Xinai and other actors co starred in the conference, recently, the cast also appeared on the story behind the scenes, and transformation challenges subjugation Princess Jiao Tang Yan heart., also accepted the interview in the conference. Before Tang Yan starred in the television series the sweet and kind image, this time she played the heroine is a courageous and knowledgeable of the subjugation of the princess, living in the mansion surrounded by enemies and royal chaos risk, is a revenge mission with this interpretation of the role of a strong woman domineering, up is difficult. "She is a very solid woman, the inner world is very broad and powerful, mind is also very delicate. When it comes to family is very kind, in the face of the enemy when no mercy. It is very hard to have a strong and good nature, and two opposite personalities are combined with the same person." In order to play the part well, Tang Yan is a hard work, in addition to express emotions, grasp the lines, a cluster of each micro expression how to handle, she often and director Li Huizhu repeated communication, "she told me there are too many different places, so the beginning is unable to understand her. Until there is a scene to kill a person, when the sting for a moment I suddenly understood why she did that, I understand all of her actions, behind what happened I think I was her, be made one." For the popular IP too many people are concerned about the pressure, she said: "I was attracted to the script, stories and characters, I had never played this kind of hope, one of the challenges of their own, also want to finish, I think at that time, I have my own heart I think, I love the character to have his own heart, blood, I feel everything all I feel for their own conscience." (commissioning editor: Lee command)相关的主题文章: