Talk about the movie star poly Shanhaiguan dream the first Chinese film base industry summit in Beij-shuyue

The Shanhaiguan star poly words first China dream movie film base industry summit – the first Beijing Chinese base film industry summit ceremony. Han Bing photo Qinhuangdao, November, 13 (by Hao Ye), the first Chinese film and television industry summit closing ceremony and awards ceremony held in Qinhuangdao, Shanhaiguan scenic spot on the 12 day. Filmmakers from all over the country, television, film and television celebrities gathered together in Shanhaiguan, around China’s film and television base in the current and future development of the discussion. The Chinese base film industry summit ", Chinese movie dream dream" as the slogan, in recognition of film and base build concept as the theme of the outstanding film base, excellent cast and has a special contribution to the base in the construction process of film. Since the 10 summit opened on the opening ceremony of the film base, industry forum, autumn film promotion, film crew meeting and the first China film base and excellent film crew recognition activities colorful. Actor Zheng Shuang attended the first China Film and television industry summit awards ceremony. Han Bing photo shoot the closing ceremony of the stars gathered, bustling. Wu Ruofu, Yue Hong, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, such as. The Chinese base film industry summit also selected the 2016 outstanding film base, 2016 film base of outstanding individuals, outstanding film crew, 2016 outstanding TV, 2016 outstanding class action movie and 2016 outstanding Drama Awards, in recognition of their contribution to the China film. "Film and television base is a strong support for Chinese film and television production, film and television business prosperity and the rapid development of the base are inseparable." The State Press and Publication Administration of film art director Lu Liang said in his speech, since the emergence of the film base in China for thirty years, and gradually formed a mature development model, but the discussion in theory is still relatively lack, therefore, the summit held "is just the right time". Filmmakers from all over the country, television, film and television celebrities gathered in Shanhaiguan to participate in the first China Film and television industry summit. Han Bing photo data show that, compared with growth of 30% to 40% stride forward singing militant songs a few years ago, this year China film market growth is slowing down. The film market slowdown at the same time, Chinese film weakness is more and more obvious, such as really good products too, is looking forward to more quick to earn quick money, by imitating a variety of plot, and even some of the film is neither fish nor fowl. Senior media person, director Li Tao believes that in the era of rapid economic development, filmmakers should be talking to work, not only for the money, be sure to take thoughtful film, with the content of the film, in order to pave the way for the development of the film after. "As the theme of the summit, the Chinese dream, the movie dream," I hope that the Chinese film can be like our predecessors, to create a better." Excellent cast and excellent film and television base is the cornerstone of a good film, good story is the core of the excellent film. Lu Liang said that the summit will be held on the national film and television culture has played a demonstration effect, to further encourage outstanding film and television works)相关的主题文章: