Taiyuan Nantun village reconstruction 775 residential courtyards full registration demolition sunny came home

Taiyuan Nantun village reconstruction 775 residential courtyards full registration demolition Shanxi evening news (reporter Wu Xueqiang) this afternoon, the provincial capital of Berlin District Community Neighborhood Committee Office of Nantun million, marked with the schedule of the transformation of villages in the city have a blue mark on nearly 1/7 of the residents of the courtyard was marked marked after the measurement of the. Million Berlin district government staff, Nantun as reconstruction of the village the whole village demolition of key villages, from the September 30th demolition registration began, the entire National Day a week, all the residents have to do the demolition of the initiative to sign up. This community was included in the Berlin District of Nantun million whole village demolition villages focus on the transformation, since the beginning of reform preparatory work of Nantun community from June 30th this year, Changfeng West Street office and Nantun community through summon villagers, in accordance with the procedure of repeated discussion and formulation of reconstruction scheme and compensation standard, make full use of the existing land resources, to achieve the maximum of the villagers’ interests, will give the compensation standard of villagers developed for each land compensation 1 million 500 thousand yuan. Nantun community staff said that the whole community of 775 residents of the courtyard, on the first day of the enrollment rate reached 93.56%, to October 7th all registration, not a delay. According to the arrangement, in October 7th began to apply for the registration of all the residents of the field began to measure the area, accounting for the amount of compensation, to today has measured 117. The staff said that the completion of survey work in late October, and the payment of compensation, demolition work carried out at the same time the residents of the housing demolition, is expected to be completed at the end of November.相关的主题文章: