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Taiwan experts talk about both sides of the study of Sun Zhongshan "cold" and "hot" – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing in October 14, Taiwan (Zhang Xiaoxi) more than 14 experts in Beijing on the changes and current situation of the study on Sun Zhongshan views, said the interaction in Sun Zhongshan research, will help enhance mutual understanding, mutual supplement. On the same day, the fourth Sun Zhongshan and Song Qingling seminar held in Beijing, the former residence of the home, more than 20 experts and scholars on the history, reality and future of the study of the idea of the beginning of the. National Taiwan University doctoral student Huang Meixuan published an article entitled "Sun Zhongshan research" in Taiwan changes and predicament of the papers, Sun Zhongshan pointed out that the research in Taiwan was a "school", is very popular, the change seems to be a "hot" gradually "cold"; and Sun Zhongshan study in the mainland, it seems to be a "cold" gradually "hot". Huang Meixuan believes that, at present, the study of in Taiwan is facing major difficulties. She introduced the Taiwan school curriculum at all levels about Sun Zhongshan have discussed before, and has less attention to thoughts of Sun Zhongshan and Sun Zhongshan of Taiwan; administrative department budget is more conservative, resulting in active support and subsidies related to the project research of Sun Zhongshan is also increasingly difficult possible. But Huang Meixuan believes that Sun Zhongshan to study changes in the cross-strait situation, help each other, let each person do his best, the academic research on both sides of each one takes what he needs, the cooperation of the results of one another. Zhao Jianmin, President of the Academy of Social Sciences, Taiwan cultural foundation of Zhongshan, China Academy of Social Sciences, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters, from the perspective of the development of the study of the idea of Sun Zhongshan. He pointed out that the current study of Taiwan Sun Zhongshan gradually decline, there are objective reasons, but the relevant academic research needs to continue to move forward. Zhao Jianmin pointed out that the two sides can complement each other in the study of Sun Zhongshan, rather than mutual criticism and exclusion. Taiwan Yuan Chi University professor Liu Arong also said that Sun Zhongshan thought is an important thought to be able to accept the two sides, is the common aspiration of national and national development. (end)相关的主题文章: