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Taiwan Army soldiers "smokers intolerable girls" rob the original title: Taiwan military forces "smokers intolerable girls" rob Huaxia network 2016-11-06 08:50:32 Huaxia network November 6th news: according to Taiwan media reports, the Taiwan air defense missile command a soldier surnamed Luo because of "money to buy cigarettes, 5 27 am see two the woman entered the Shilin Sports Center parking lot, trailing, female students surnamed Ma snatched mobile phone and purse. Two women scream "robbery", 3 passers-by courageous chase, Luo run about 100 metres surrounded by blood of the people, the police arrived at the scene when he was handcuffed, according to rob the crime sent to do. Shihlin prosecutors after interrogation, the Luo Fu Ying Dean responsibility. According to reports, the Ministry condemned Luotuo flying sequence, that will be included in the list of discard. Robert grab too (22 years old) as a volunteer soldier, his face was posted last year book "I owe scold action power 1000 and less money to boss when we forget? You still want me to go to your house." Today, Luo out, are called "bear smoking" and robbery, illogical argument, the public prosecutor and the police do not rule out another reason.相关的主题文章: