Taipei mayor Ke Wenzhe was traced to into the Democratic Progressive Party for reelection was denied plustek

Taipei mayor Ke Wenzhe was traced to the DPP in seeking re-election by KO denied the original title: Ke Wenzhe denied to join the Democratic Progressive Party before the end of the year: at present the planning map: Ke Wenzhe. Liu Shuling agency issued photo Beijing in October 10, according to the Taiwan news network reports, Wen JE Ko, mayor of Taipei City poll doldrums, rumored to Wen JE Ko at the end of the year into the Democratic Progressive Party, to seek re-election; denied Ke Wenzhe earlier in an interview, said there is no such plan, and said: "there are two, what tense Le strange". Ke Wenzhe this morning to attend the Taipei city event, outside wonder if you should join the DPP, said Wen JE Ko, there is no such plan; the media asked whether, with the Democratic Progressive Party official advice? Ke Wenzhe responded, before they (DPP) have asked, but he said there should be a good faith in politics, said before the election will not participate in this, it is necessary to maintain the principle of good faith. According to the "Regulations on the nomination of the Democratic Progressive Party candidates, must have been eligible to vote the party for two years. Asked about the matter, first say "Wen JE Ko no, the party did not say to apply for two years ago?" As to whether to consider before the end of the DPP, Ke Wenzhe said there is no planning. Media asked Ke Wenzhe, if the end of the poll is still not as expected, will consider joining the DPP? Ke Wenzhe said the poll as expected is considered not to choose, not considering the party "," there are two years, what tense, strange!". Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: