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Tactical, morale, win all together, for the relegation battle TEDA team! Sohu sports "it’s a game about everyone in the team." With the Chongqing Lifan team in the pre match press conference, Tianjin TEDA coach Pacheco said yili. Indeed, from relegation situation is excellent at the last round to avoid relegation to win, the past has become history change radically. In the face of life and death battle, Tianjin TEDA team Yili are determined to avoid relegation. For this crucial game, Pacheco has been fully prepared. At the press conference, Pacheco for the other team’s key players and tactics familiar. "Wang Dong is 35 years old, but he’s very good at running and passing, and he’s a very good player, and most of the team’s offense depends on him. Besides, Fernando had been watching him when I was in portugal. At that time, he was still very young, the experience is not very rich. However, he played well in the Super League this year, at the foot of the technology is good, the speed is also very fast. There are 27 striker (Kardec), scoring efficiency is very high." Pacheco said, "Wang Dong’s pieces are very powerful, so we will defend set pieces and closing down on ball of attention. It can be said that we prepared a very good plan." While emphasizing tactics, Pacheco also stressed the spirit. We will continue even more than the last round of the fighting spirit to meet opponents. From the current situation, we can not rely on others, we have to rely on their own strength to achieve the goal, so as to master their own destiny." Like Pacheco, veteran Cao Yang has been emphasizing morale. He even called the game one of the 16 most important games of his career. "One is the FA Cup final, a game." Cao Yang said, "we had a good situation, but it’s all over. Now the relegation destiny in our own hands, at the same time, a lot of young players is the first time in the face of such scenes, this is also helpful for their future occupation career. We will concentrate on the game and go all out to win the game." Since the Chongqing Olympic Sports Center Stadium field a concert, so training before the Tianjin TEDA Yili team was placed in the field of. However, the muddy field conditions are too bad, not to mention the ball training, players jogging for a while, the soles of the shoes are full of mud. In order to avoid injury before the game, the team just after 15 minutes of jogging and warm up and then returned to the hotel. In order to inspire the team, Tianjin TEDA club in this race will add an extra 16 million bonus. Now, this is a few echelon team in the relegation out of the highest prize.   相关的主题文章: