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Sweets are also healthy! Nutritionists teach you how to give children with snacks – People’s Health Channel – People’s original title: sweets and healthy! Nutritionists teach you how to give the child a snack [collocation globe and Roundup] according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on August 24th, sweet children’s love, parents want to let the children eat happy, and intends to control the children sweets. In order to solve this contradiction, Claire (Claire Baseley) for the mothers to provide 11 kinds of snacks program, do it save time and effort, eat delicious and healthy. Claire believes that food as much as possible, so as to improve the appetite of the children, but also to add a variety of nutrients. 1 popcorn than potato chips with health popcorn healthy ingredients, containing salt and fat than low chips. So instead of giving the kids a bag of crisps, give them a bag of popcorn with vanilla. 2 instead of a cake with malt bread if the child wants to eat cake, let them eat a piece of olive oil with malt bread. Malt bread is low in sugar and fat, and tastes sweet. 3 vegetable biscuits are less expensive than cheese cakes and cookies are the favorite of many children, but contain more fat and sugar. Therefore, mothers can give their children choose vegetable biscuits, vegetables contain more vitamins, minerals, protein and calcium. 4 Flapjack oats are both delicious and healthy if you have time, might as well at home for the children to do a Flapjack oats, compared to chocolate, lower the fat content of oat Flapjack, but also rich in dietary fiber in oats. 5 scones sugar less than muffin scones taste and muffins taste almost, but sugar content is lower, so why not use fruit scones instead of blueberry muffin? 6 chocolate may use the fruit with chocolate biscuits are delicious, but sugar content is too high. Fresh fruit is a good substitute, especially after the fruit cut into small pieces, will look more like a small appetite, a small banana, apple or pear. 7 drink sugar free soft drinks carbonated drinks contain about 8 teaspoons of sugar, so for the sake of the child’s health, or replaced with sugar free bar. 8 Boiled Egg is a good choice for growing children, Boiled Egg is a good snack, which can supplement the protein, and can satisfy with the. 9 DIY assorted nuts and dried fruit to popcorn and grain mixed together, they can do assorted nuts at home, not only has no additives, can also according to their own taste collocation. 10 dried yogurt with delicious and healthy children to eat sweets, the mother would take the supermarket everywhere to coax children happy chocolate mousse. In fact, add some blueberries or honey in yogurt, will be welcomed by the children, but also very healthy. 11 want candy when try sugar free jelly as many mothers are aware that children can not eat too many sweets. So in order to meet the needs of children to eat sweets, mothers can try sugar free jelly, the children must be相关的主题文章: