Sweet couple mess up! Speed Guo Jingjing food market divergence from the Kenneth Fok-ravbin

Sweet couple mess up! "Guo Jingjing Kenneth Fok" speed up different market speed family photo last week speed family fierce competition war in Atlanta, "old driver" Liu Changjin Da Chuan "rollovers", the bottom of the tragic accident. Fortunately, the stage of non elimination leg, two people continue tonight Mexico stage racing tour. 21:06 tonight, "speed forward" in the third quarter of the ninth phase will continue to heat landing Shenzhen satellite TV and Sohu video. Only among the final three seats, guests are eligible to join through Rio, the ultimate champion night. It is by this exciting journey of racing, 4 groups of guests also have a strong sense of crisis, their home, to A fighting spirit soars aloft., among the top three. Three battle is about to start, who can successfully won three seats through Rio? One point: "Liu Mexico traditional" flying dance challenge " " feel like drunken "as Mexico traditional ritual dance, flying dance has a long history, is the Mexico cultural heritage can not be ignored. 21:06 tonight, came to the Museum of anthropology in Mexico City before, always acrophobic Liu Xiang bold challenge "life," weaknesses "against the high flying dance". In spite of the courage to challenge themselves, but before the battle, Liu Xiang is still very nervous, constantly in front of the cross painting for their own prayer. Seeing this, Xu Qifeng quickly partner sang "I want to fly higher, to applaud. With a clear siren sounded, "Xiangfei people" and "people immediately fly together on a flight, non-stop rotation, upside down, Liu Xiang also feel dizzy, said:" I feel the whole person is ignorant, just like the drunk!" Guo Jingjing Kenneth Fok: "relay aspect two crystal just a couple" in the "lost" storm   food market as differences in Atlanta last week successfully won the laurel stage "crystal just a couple," tonight to speed three seats for follow up a victory with hot pursuit. Unexpectedly, they were both in the local market in Mexico have lost their sense of direction, suffered stray storm, an unexpected dispute. I saw the "tension type player" Kenneth Fok travel to the vegetable market in the whole, uncharacteristically, not to utter a single word. Guo Jingjing saw her husband into a narrow path, not consciously out loud reminder, before Kenneth Fok answered, he retraced their path. Kenneth Fok is puzzled, and asked his wife to a passer-by for directions, they ignore each other with anxiety, seemingly angry couples. After the market going around a few laps, Guo Jingjing began to worry: "can not find ah! Here is a mess!" The result, Carter, she discovered that her husband Kenneth Fok has decided to go before. Nervous system and three seats determined to win, let this sweet couple also in disarray. Point three: Liu Changjin in the band "the release of the 100 daecheon force is expected to be   luck old driver Jin Dachuan and Liu Chang, although in the first quarter, but the experience of" grounding "in this season and they are always racing luck pass, bad luck. Tonight in Mexico stage, when the other group of guests also blankly in the two hundred Street shuttle between musicians, Liu Chang.相关的主题文章: