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"Sweet amber" old gun "fixing" rookie Liu Yunlong – Liu Yunlong LED power Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news reality theme movie "" sweet amber days before fixing. The film by the film "old gun" plays "Pinball" the strength of the new generation of actors starring Liu Yunlong, tells the story of the last century in the middle of the 90s mountain mine, "a little grasshopper" (Liu Yunlong ornaments) growth history. The bottom figures highlight the theme played by Liu Yunlong, the hero of "grasshopper" is a typical figure of the bottom of society, the whole film by his survival and the fate of the characters to start to yixiaojianda leads to "human nature" this slightly heavy proposition. For 00 after the Liu Yunlong, to portray such a gap with their own lives far, and the role of the role of the role of a considerable number of people, or a little pressure. "The theme and character is actually a challenge for me, because my life environment includes experience, with the role of a grasshopper not much fit, but into the crew, in the shooting environment infection, goes into the role of many, also want to thank the director of the group and the predecessors carefully guide." Emotional drama movement play both battle in the film, Liu Yunlong lost by a silly boy, after size choice through love, morality, and so on a series of future life, finally become a prominent youth career, his young and mature, hesitation and stick, leave and return, with the special significance of the era that is a small figure in history, is a particular era and the specific environment, humanity or dim trajectory. It is worth mentioning that in marble than themselves with many years of "vanilla" has a positive energy beyond the age of love, in the most difficult days, they act as a spiritual pillar of each other, "orchid is the grasshopper’s first love, he is more emotionally mentor, to help her the grasshopper established a complete and positive outlook on life." In addition to the first awakening interest in the opposite sex emotional scenes, Liu Yunlong in the play some action scenes, the micro-blog PO fixing before he was covered in blood from black pictures, "zombie attack". It is reported that, by Liu Yunlong in the TV series "watch the boy", "Beijing in Beijing" has been fixing, participating in its version of Zhang Jizhong epic costume drama "heroic age" will soon and meet the audience.   相关的主题文章: