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"Super fast express" version of the poster exposure Chen Xiao Yang to play the air PK- entertainment Sohu "super express" rapid poster Chen "super express" rapid entertainment news poster Xiao Yang Sohu directed by Song Xiao Wang Ying, the screenwriter action comedy film "super express", Lu Quanguo will meet with the audience in the cinema on December 2nd. "Funny play," Chen He Song Ji Hyo, global goddess makeup "Parkour" the father of David Baer, Xiao Yang, and shy to play "the strength of Li Chun, Tai Zhiyuan, actor Li Yuan, He Saifei, Kan Qingzi and the popularity of the film stars gathered, quality escort. Today, the exposure of a group of fast version of the poster, the poster "funny play" Chen changed the gelasmus sun, revealing a wronged innocent expression, and "shy bear" Xiao Yang also uncharacteristically assertive body language like mad pull revealed between the two comedy funny karma. "Super express" version of the poster exposure rapid Chen Xiao Yang staged Shengsishisu express community action comedy film "super express" tells the story of Chen’s courier horsepower in a send pieces on the way, accidentally involved in a statue for events, and by a mysterious sexy girl stress, to jointly deal with international thief Gary in the story. This statue seized, the story has suddenly become whirling. In the rapid version of the poster released today, Chen and Xiao Yang backed by aircraft, jet and sky background, aircraft echoes, soaring momentum to coincide with the super express core standards for speed. From Chen wronged eyes and Xiao Yang arrogant attitude can guess, two people may have conflicts can not be run by the courier, all kinds of conflicts and the resulting "fruit laugh, so fans shouted, look forward to. It is worth noting that the poster also depicts a lot of details can not be ignored. For example, Chen dressed in a black dress, fasten the delicate tie, but wearing red trousers courier, the right to wear a boxing glove, suggesting Chen not only in the film will have a double identity, will have been wonderful action. In addition. The runway left Chen and Xiao Yang of the landmark building of Shanghai "Oriental Pearl", and on the right is the landmark "the Eiffel Tower in France". What is the end of the earth and the other end of what will happen, why Chen and Xiao Yang will be involved in it, December 2nd will be announced in one of the major theaters. Chen Xiao Yang Biao play each other child guozuying Song Ji Hyo David Baer was running the streets "Chinatown" the adventure of a wonderful performance of Chen and Xiao Yang, the bursting point in continue to contract "super express", will not only mutual resentment characteristics inherited, even upgrade to mutual abuse. "Funny play" Chen said Xiao Yang or the funny than as in the past, as a "shy bear" Xiao Yang suffered various "inhuman treatment" in the film, is bound by fancy fan slap, was kicked and so on, adhere to the professionalism of the Xiao Yang not only without any complaint, he said fully play addiction. Chen prior to the interview or abuse is "cool burst, on-line mutual abuse group of two increased by one of the highlights of the film. Film in the face of the goddess Song Ji Hyo changed the image of affinity,.相关的主题文章: